Visiting Iceland in September.

These days, everyone knows Iceland as a premiere destination for photography.  The summers offer the long nights and mornings of the midnight sun that give photographers ample time to capture the stunning beauty of nature under what can feel like a never ending sunset.   Winter in Iceland turns the country into an icy wonderland filled with frozen waterfalls, crystal ice caves, and the aurora borealis dancing through the cold arctic sky. Summer and winter bring in the crowds for sure, but what about the other months?  What about Iceland in September?  What is Iceland like in September for photography? The answer is…AWESOME!

A majority of the summer crowds have gone home.  The main tourist stops along highway 1 are no longer elbow-to-elbow during the daytime. One starts to get back some of that isolated and wild feeling that makes Iceland so desirable in the first place.The snows haven’t returned in force yet, so access to the interior of the country and places like Landmannalaugar is still very much possible, and again, the crowds are far less during this month than they are during the summer.

How does Iceland in September look?  

September is fall in Iceland, so the colors of the arctic foliage have turned from shades of green to shades of red orange and yellow. If you haven’t seen these colors for yourself, you are missing out.  Some of the best fall color to be found is in Iceland!

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The days are starting to get a little shorter, but there is still plenty of light for great sunrises and sunsets, and they still last longer than your typical sunsets from home because of how far north Iceland sits. Night has returned in part to Iceland so that means there’s always a chance to see the wonderful northern lights during September photography adventures.  Roads are easier to drive during the fall so access to getting to areas of the country where the Northern Lights are better visible is more possible, and much easier.  Winter has not settled in yet so temperatures are still similar to those found during the summer.  Nights can be a little cold, but nothing like winter.  

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Photography in September

Iceland has plenty of waterfalls so the waterfalls here are never at low-flow like so many places in the world.  Iceland has more waterfalls than you can imagine and they’re all flowing magnificently during September.

The Icelandic horses are still there too.  They look amazing photographed next to the vibrant fall foliage. You can visit a farm or see these magnificent creatures nearly anywhere on the side of the road throughout the country.  You can also spend some time getting to know these magnificent creatures more if you decide to spend an afternoon gong on a horseback ride in one of Iceland’s many fantastic horse paths.

The Glaciers and Icebergs are still there.  Summer doesn’t melt the ice here.  The world famous Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon is still filled with enormous, magical, chunks of ice and that ice still washes out to sea every day and is washed back onto the black sand beach where photographers enjoy capturing the crystal clear and cool blue chunks of ice as they sit on the beach being pounded by the waves.  If seeing chunks of ice on a beach or floating in a lagoon doesn’t satisfy your ice cravings, perhaps a day hike on one of Iceland’s glaciers will put you close enough to really get a feel for how amazing nature can be.



All of Iceland’s churches and other man-made photographic icons are still around in September as well, and they’re just waiting to be photographed! There really is no shortage of things to capture with your camera. You can explore all day long and then spend the nights one of Iceland’s hospitable farmhouses or quaint hotels while you wait to see if the northern lights will pay you a visit.

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The puffins have gone for the year but there are still opportunities to photograph other birds during the month of September, and the arctic fox are still out as well.  Maybe you’ll get lucky and capture one of these adorable little balls of fur!

Aurora in September

If the photographic offerings of September aren’t enough to bring you to Iceland then maybe the prices will help!  September is the shoulder season in Iceland so prices have dropped and it’s possible you’ll save money on hotels, food, and car rentals should you decide to extend your stay here.

The geothermal activities are always going in Iceland.  The cooler temperatures make the idea of sitting in the world famous Blue Lagoon or one of Iceland’s numerous other geothermal pools even more inviting. If bathing in a geothermal heated pool isn’t your idea of a good time you can still see the raw power of Mother Nature in the steam vents, geysers, and mud-pots in the countries numerous geothermal areas that are located all over the country.

Let’s recap.  Iceland in September has all of the same fantastic landscapes that you’ll find in the summer months, only now they are less crowded and covered with fall color.  The Northern lights are visible during the now shorter days; the roads are still open allowing you the ability to travel to where the skies are clear in quicker time to see them.  You’ll also be wearing less layers than if you come in winter to see them!  The glacier lagoon has not yet frozen as it does during winter, so you can make photographs of this amazing location and still find ice on the beach as well.  What’s better…you might be able to photograph the northern lights over the glacier lagoon!



It’s settled.  Iceland in September is amazing to visit for photography; the only thing missing now is you!


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