Faroe Islands Photo Tours and  Workshops

Faroe Islands Photo Tours and Workshops

Uncover the charm and breathtaking wonders of the Faroe Islands with these photography tours and workshops. Expand your photography skills as you immerse yourself in this stunning archipelago of islands in the midst of the North Atlantic Ocean.

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Faroe Islands Photo Tours and Workshops

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Frequently asked questions

What language do they speak in the Faroe Islands?

The official language of the Faroe Islands is Faroese. The second most spoken language is Danish. English is also taught in schools and spoken by most people.

Where are the Faroe Islands located?

The Faroe Islands are located off the northern coast of Europe, between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean.

How many islands are in the Faroe Islands archipelago?

The Faroe Islands are made up of 18 major volcanic islands and approximately 779 smaller islands, islets and skerries.

Do I need a visa to visit the Faroe Islands?

The Faroe Islands is not part of the EU or Schengen Agreement. In most cases, you will need a valid visa to enter the Faroe Islands. Please contact your local embassy for more information.

When is the best time to visit the Faroe Islands?

The best time to visit the Faroe Islands for photography is during August. This is the later part of summer, when it is possible to photograph a variety of sea birds nesting on the islands and the conditions are perfect for capturing the sprawling vistas in this dramatic part of the world. Check out our 6 day photography workshop in the Faroe Islands for more information.