Award Winning Photo Guides
Sharpen your skills behind the lens
Our tours and workshops are led by award-winning, professional landscape photographers, ensuring your opportunity to capture the very best of Iceland’s nature. Learn from the best to contribute valuable, prize-winning photographs to your portfolio!
Travel in Comfort and Style
With enough room for your equipment
Our dedicated custom-built fleet of 4x4 super trucks will safely transport you and your equipment to photographic sites across the land of ice and fire, and are able to venture to locations inaccessible to normal vehicles, providing you with rare and stunning photography subjects. Each guest is provided with two seats.
Free Video Tutorials
Continue to develop your talents
All of our guests receive a free collection of post-processing video tutorials—worth over $1500—from our award winning photographers. These tutorials will help you maximise the photos taken throughout your trip, from development to editing and colour correction.
Glacier Gear Included
Plant your feet firmly on the ice
Iceland Photo Tours provides crampons and rubber boots for free to all our guests throughout the tour. Ever on the lookout for the perfect shot, this makes clambering up glaciers, or deep into ice caves, that much safer for eager landscape photographers.

Camera & Gear Reviews

We’ve all had the importance of backing up our photos drummed into our heads. Perhaps that’s why taking an extended trip such as a landscape photography tour to Iceland can make us feel not just exc
You’re feeling the incredible rush of adrenalin as you weave between the icebergs at the Ice Beach in Iceland. The beautiful icebergs resemble diamonds, glittering on the black sand beach after wash
One second, you’re happily shooting at Gullfoss waterfall on the Golden Circle in Iceland, getting completely drenched by the spray as you huddle in the snow. Your hands are numb from the cold and y
Ah, the beauty of brilliant blue ice caves, the elusive Northern Lights dancing overhead, majestic mountains, glorious glaciers and other amazing wonders of nature. Once you’ve developed the wanderl
Wide angle lenses are a must-have for landscape photography in Iceland, as they give you the ability to include the foreground, middle ground, background and sky simultaneously in your photos – whic
Iceland is well-known for being one of the most spectacular natural destinations in the world, where a multitude of diverse and intriguing photographic opportunities abound. It is also known for its f
The weather during summer in Iceland can be unpredictable and conditions can change in an instant. Although the temperature isn’t that different between winter and summer in Iceland, you can expect an
If you’ve been browsing landscape photos of Iceland, then it’s very likely that you’ll have seen some incredibly fascinating scenes, from silky waterfalls to drawn-out clouds and even mirror-like gl
A polarising filter is an essential item in the camera kit of any serious landscape photographer who wants to take beautiful photos of Iceland. This useful tool changes the way that your camera sees a
If you've been looking at booking a photography trip to Iceland, then no doubt that you will want to focus what camera gear to bring. If you want to take home print and contest-worthy photographs, the
Sony cameras are popular these days. More and more people switch, or are thinking of switching from their traditional DSLR to a mirrorless system, often choosing Sony. Weight, portability, technolog
When starting out in wildlife photography, deciding which lens is going to be the best for you can be quite confusing, especially nowadays with all the available options on the market. Should you bu
Most landscape photographers will tell you that you should invest in a good set of filters if you want to really harness your creativity in-field. But how will you know which filters are the best fo
While one of the hallmarks of landscape photography is the use of a wide angle lens to capture the expansive grandeur of nature and to create a sense of depth, there are times when opting for a long
Camera technology is always improving. As landscape photographers, we find ourselves keeping a constant eye on the market for new developments and gear that may be useful to help us realise our crea
We have all been there. You want to take your pictures to the next level by trying to enter in the “magical” world of post-production, but you really don’t know from where you should start. So you b
One of the most valuable tools in landscape photography is the Graduated Neutral Density (GND) filter. While they may seem innocuous, these essential pieces of camera equipment can help you to expre
Night photography is one of the most challenging skills for amateur photographers to master. That’s because you need not only a solid foundation in photography, but also the correct tools. Besides a
Let’s be honest: one of the main problems, especially when we are just starting out in the photography world, is how to take our photo equipment around with us. As soon as you buy your first DSLR or