4 Day Northern Lights & Ice Cave Photo Tour

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Tour starts
Reykjavík, Iceland
4 days
Ending place
Reykjavík, Iceland
Nov. - Mar.
Minimum age:
18 years old


Photograph the Northern Lights and ice caves in the stunning surroundings of Vatnajökull National Park. This 4-day winter photography workshop will see you chasing the Aurora across the snowy South Coast while capturing on film in the incredible beauty of ice caves, Skaftafell Nature Reserve, the Diamond Beach and Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon.

Whether you are a novice or professional, this tour will introduce you to the spectacular nature and volcanic landscapes of Iceland – all while you widen your portfolio and dramatically develop your photography skills with the helpful guidance of our award-winning photo instructors.

The south-east of Iceland is home to Europe’s largest glacier and many of the country’s most enchanting sights. From waterfalls to snowy mountain peaks, black sand beaches and magical glacier lagoons, this photo tour in Iceland has it all!

With ample opportunities to capture the most picturesque locations in Iceland, including glistening ice caves as well as some hidden gems located off the beaten track, your portfolio is guaranteed to expand with a myriad of diverse and unique landscape photographs from this Arctic winter wonderland.

Three nights of accommodation will be organised for you before your arrival in Iceland, as well as all of your transfers to and from your shooting locations. In addition, your expert photo guides will be on-hand throughout the experience, sharing their knowledge to ensure that you take home stunning photos of Iceland.

Do not miss this opportunity to photograph Iceland in winter, with a focus on the country’s most beautiful region and intriguing landscapes. Check availability by choosing a date.

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Professional Photo Guide
Transportation in a comfortable vehicle
3 nights in accommodations near Vatnajökull National Park and Vík
Crampons and rubber boots to use throughout the tour
Post processing video tutorials
Entry to an ice cave in Vatnajökull National Park


Photo Tours
Photo Workshop

Daily itinerary

Day 1
Black sands, white snow and golden sunset at Reynisfjara black sand beach.

Day 1 - South Coast to Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon

On your first morning, you will be picked up from Reykjavík and taken to the South Coast. The drive towards your accommodation on the other side of the island will take approximately 5 hours but throughout the journey, you will make plenty of stops where you will have the opportunity to practice your landscape photography. Your first stop will be at Seljalandsfoss, an amazing waterfall that tumbles forth from a 60-metre tall cliff. Then it is off to Skógafoss waterfall, where you’ll be able to walk right up to the wall of water for stunning compositions. This waterfall is wider and more powerful than Seljalandsfoss but it is hard to decide which one is more beautiful. You’ll then continue along the coastline towards the small fishing village of Vík. En route, you’ll photograph the windswept Dyrhólaey cliffs, where a volcanic rock arch rises from the tumultuous waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. Here, you’ll have the chance to admire the famous Reynisdrangar sea stacks, standing steadfast in the ocean which comes crashing onto the black sands of Reynisfjara beach. The scene makes for a hauntingly beautiful composition, no matter the weather conditions. You will then continue on your journey along the South Coast until you reach the Vatnajökull National Park in the evening. If the conditions are favourable, then there may be the chance to photograph the Northern Lights, dancing over the glistening icebergs as they float on the still waters of the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon. You’ll spend the night at accommodation nearby.

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Day 2
Spectacular colours inside and ice cave in Vatnajökull National Park.

Day 2 - Ice Caves in Vatnajokull National Park

The itinerary on days 2 and 3 will remain flexible due to the unpredictable nature of the weather in Iceland. Our guides will continually monitor the conditions to ensure that you will be in the right places at all the right times to capture the beauty of the landscpes. Among some of the highlights will be a sunrise shoot at one of Iceland’s most iconic and beloved sites, the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon. The sky-blue water is filled with icebergs that have broken off from a nearby glacier and now drift slowly through a small inlet towards the ocean. Next to the lagoon is a stretch of coastline that has been nicknamed the Diamond Beach. Here, icebergs from the lagoon wash up onto the black sandy shores where they resemble glistening jewels in the low sunlight. The scene makes for fantastic long exposure photography. Another highlight will surely be when you enter an ice cave. You’ll have the opportunity to explore the natural shapes that make up the ice cave as you make the most of the light bouncing off the crystal blue walls. Depending on the conditions, your photo guides may take you off the beaten track, to the lesser known Fjallsárlón glacier lagoon on the southern end of the Vatnajökull glacier. This majestic lagoon is filled with icebergs, just like its larger neighbour Jökulsárlón, though much more tranquil. If the Northern Lights make an appearance in the evening, then you will be in the right place at the right moment to capture them reflected upon the glassy surface of the lagoon. You will shoot the Northern Lights until it is finally time to return to your accommodation for the night.

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Day 3
Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon is a great place for long exposure photography.

Day 3 - Vatnajokull National Park In Depth

On this day, you will have the opportunity to further hone your long exposure photography skills at the Diamond Ice Beach and Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, before heading into the Vatnajökull National Park to photograph other areas – weather and time permitting. Your trusty guides will review the conditions and take you to the best places to shoot as you slowly make your way towards the fishing village of Vík. Some of the options for the day include the wild and wonderful Skaftafell Nature Reserve, a rugged region known for its awe-inspiring panoramic view, home to the breathtaking Svínafellsjökull glacier. You could also visit the mighty Vestrahorn mountain with its undulating landscape cloaked in the delicate colours of winter or the massive ancient canyon Fjaðrárgljúfur that was created by glacial melt millions of years ago. Eventually, you’ll arrive in Vík, where you will spend the evening hunting for the Northern Lights before retiring to your accommodation for the night.

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Day 4
Timing is crucial when photographing the geyser Strokkur on the Golden Circle route.

Day 4 - Golden Circle

This will be your final day of shooting and you will make the most out of every single second! The day will begin with a sunrise shoot at the haunting Reynisfjara black sand beach, where the black basalt columnar cliffs contrast with the violent waves of the North Atlantic Ocean as they crash around the Reynisdrangar sea-stacks. On your return journey to Reykjavík, you will make your way through Iceland’s famous Golden Circle to photograph the volcanic landscapes and geothermal features that give this country the nickname of the “Land of Fire and Ice”. It is made up of three iconic sites: Þingvellir, Gullfoss and Geysir. At Þingvellir, you will be able to see the continental drift between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates, as well as photograph the impressive cracks and faults that traverse the region. Here, you will also find a small but charming waterfall named Öxarárfoss, which makes for a strikingly beautiful scene in winter when the majestic cliffs that surround it are swathed in ice and snow. Next, you will visit the magnificent Gullfoss waterfall that can be photographed from various points of view. It produces a massive amount of spray that encapsulates its thundering power as it flows over cliffs of ice, plunging into the snowy canyon below. Your final stop will be at Geysir, where the earth seethes with geothermal activity. Your photography skills will be tested by the exploding fountain geyser, Strokkur, as it spouts hot water into the air up to 20 metres high! Finally, you will reach Reykjavík, no doubt with a plethora of new landscape photography skills, amazing friends to keep in touch with, and a landscape photography portfolio of Iceland in winter that you can be proud of.

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Good to know

- We are a local tour operator and travel agency authorised by the tourism board of Iceland.

- We offer small group tours with a maximum group size of 10-12. This way, you’ll get to know your photography guide and we can take you to shoot in unique places that aren’t suitable for larger groups.

- All our guests get a free collection of post-processing videos from our award-winning photographers worth over $1,500.

- On our tours we use comfortable vehicles to safely transport you to amazing locations.

- We are using only the best hotels available in Iceland.

- Our photo tours and workshops are guided by award-winning professional landscape photographers.

- We provide crampons and rubber boots for free to all our guests throughout the tour.

- During the tour, we give highly informative and easy-to-follow photography and post-processing lectures.

- Our photo guides will always help you in the field to make sure you will bring home stunning photos of Iceland.

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We highly recommend that you get a travel and medical insurance. Your own domestic medical insurance and private health scheme will not cover you whilst you are overseas.

The tour is always dependent on weather, as the Icelandic weather can indeed be highly unpredictable. Likewise, visits to ice caves are dependent on favorable conditions, and indeed the ice caves themselves are not permanent. When it comes to the Northern Lights, while they are most likely to be seen between September and April, there is no guarantee that they will appear on a given day.

Departure Schedule

18-21 Feb 2024 - 1 SPOT LEFT

15-18 Mar 2024 - NEW DEPARTURE

26-29 Nov 2024

18-21 Feb 2025



Siggi the Viking

Siggi the Viking

English, Icelandic
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Siggi was born in Iceland and has spent most of his photography career in this paradise.During his time as a photographer, he early on found that his passion lies with photographing the beautiful landscapes and nightscapes of Iceland. One of his favorite activities is being out, chasing the northern lights and thinking of new ways to top his shots.

He has won multiple awards for his work, both locally and internationally, especially for his photos of the Aurora Borealis. Sigurdur has also written a book on the subject to aid everyone in getting the perfect shots of Lady Aurora and held nightscape photography workshops in Iceland since the beginning of 2012 with great success.

When the days get longer and the northern lights fade into the daylight, he turns his eyes towards the sun and the amazing midnight sun that Iceland has to offer with the golden hours that seem to stretch on forever.

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