Award Winning Photo Guides
Sharpen your skills behind the lens
Our tours and workshops are led by award-winning, professional landscape photographers, ensuring your opportunity to capture the very best of Iceland’s nature. Learn from the best to contribute valuable, prize-winning photographs to your portfolio!
Travel in Comfort and Style
With enough room for your equipment
Our dedicated custom-built fleet of 4x4 super trucks will safely transport you and your equipment to photographic sites across the land of ice and fire, and are able to venture to locations inaccessible to normal vehicles, providing you with rare and stunning photography subjects. Each guest is provided with two seats.
Free Video Tutorials
Continue to develop your talents
All of our guests receive a free collection of post-processing video tutorials—worth over $1500—from our award winning photographers. These tutorials will help you maximise the photos taken throughout your trip, from development to editing and colour correction.
Glacier Gear Included
Plant your feet firmly on the ice
Iceland Photo Tours provides crampons and rubber boots for free to all our guests throughout the tour. Ever on the lookout for the perfect shot, this makes clambering up glaciers, or deep into ice caves, that much safer for eager landscape photographers.

Photography Techniques

Are you thinking about leaving your tripod at home during your photography tour in Iceland? Although there are many advantages to using a tripod for landscape photography, sometimes it can be just t
So you’ve booked your photography tour in Iceland and you’re ready to start taking photos but you really want to harness your creativity, rather than returning home with just snapshots. To truly mak
One of the most popular questions that we are often asked during our landscape photography tours in Iceland is whether it’s best to be shooting RAW versus JPEG. The answer though isn’t really all th
There is no better time to experiment with learning new landscape photography techniques than while you’re travelling in Iceland. The scenery is magnificent and the conditions may be unpredictable,
Focusing your lens is one of the most important topics in landscape photography and invariably one that comes up a lot during our photography tours and workshops in Iceland. If you don’t set the foc
You may have heard other photographers suggesting that you use the lowest ISO setting possible for landscape photography. Although the lowest ISO setting will work in most situations, there are some
One of the hallmarks of landscape photography in Iceland is the use of extreme wide angle lenses. That’s because they give you a perspective that is perfect for capturing the sprawling vistas so cha
Getting the right exposure when you’re practicing landscape photography in Iceland can be difficult, particularly when you’re shooting somewhere that has a high dynamic range (HDR), such as inside a
Leading lines are one of the simplest and most powerful tools for creating high impact landscape photos. They can mean the difference between what is a mundane snapshot versus a truly engaging photo
If there is one thing that will really make your photos of Iceland stand out, it is the power of an incredible foreground. In landscape photography, having an interesting foreground for the eye to f
So you’ve been reading a lot about landscape photography tips and you’ve picked up a thing or two, but they just seem a little basic. Often, these tips are aimed at photographers who are just starti
A lot of the time, when we photograph the landscape, our aim is to capture it in such a way that it appears pristine and untouched. In fact, some photographers go to great lengths trying not to incl
How many times have you taken a photo of a sweeping scene, only for it to seem like it’s missing something crucial when you view it later on? Without any frame of reference, it is difficult for our b
Aspect ratios are an integral part of landscape photography in Iceland, though they may not initially seem very important at the time when you’re lining up your camera in front of Vestrahorn for a s
Travelling to a place like Iceland is usually very high on the bucket lists of landscape photographers all around the world. It’s not hard to see why, as there are spectacular scenes to be captured
It's known as the great horizontal and vertical picture debate. For landscape and nature photography, should you be shooting horizontally or vertically? Check out these Landscape Photography Worksh
Composition is one of the most important factors in photography and it becomes even more crucial when photographing the incredible landscapes of Iceland. To create truly stunning photos during your
You may have seen a lot of stunning photography of landscapes in Iceland but the truth of the matter is that not all of the magic occurs in-camera. Post-processing is widely misunderstood within the
Would you like to know the secrets of photographing sunbursts? Any keen photographer will know this magical effect as the sun peers around an object in the foreground, illuminating everything in its w
One of the questions that we always get asked during our workshops at Iceland Photo Tours is what the best aperture is for landscape photography. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as us providing an i
Let’s talk about exposure. It’s a concept that can be difficult to get your head around, particularly if you’ve already been confused by the numbers and jargon associated with photography! Basically
Almost all new photographers list getting better at composition as something that they struggle with. That makes a lot of sense and unfortunately, composition is one of the most difficult things to
Hello everyone, my name is Alex Wides. I have been a photographer since 2008, though a few years ago, I chose to deal only with landscape photography. At that time, I decided to experiment with many
I want you to think of your favourite photograph. It can be one that you’ve taken or one that you’ve seen elsewhere. Picture it in your mind for just a moment. Got it? Good. Now, carefully identify
More often than not we consider photography to be a two-dimensional medium. Our images are viewed on our computer screens and smartphones simply as “pictures”. Each photo bottles a small sliver of m
If you have ever tried to shoot in the direction of the sun or some other strong light source, then you have probably already noticed a weird effect occurring in some of your shots. Check out these
The Orton Effect was developed by Canadian photographer, Michael Orton. It adds a soft glow to photos and is usually applied when editing landscape photography. Originally, the effect was achieved b
Photographers love to capture images with soft, out-of-focus backgrounds and a sharp subject. This effect can attract a viewer's attention to the most important elements within your composition. How
When you’re photographing the landscape in Iceland, chances are that at some point, you’ll come across the problem of image noise. Digital camera noise is a technical issue that can annoy anyone, fr
Iceland is a very windy country. If you’ve decided to visit, then you’ll probably already know that the wind here can be detrimental to your travels. No one ever knows how strong it will be or how h
As a landscape photographer, wouldn’t it be nice if you could experience hours upon hours of sunrises and sunsets in Iceland, before dipping into a bit of darkness with a touch of the Northern Light
Isolating a person against a black background creates a dynamic portrait. When you’re looking for portrait photography ideas, there are none more simple and effective than using plain shades of blac
As you start out in photography, you may begin to wonder about some of those beautiful smooth portraits that you sometimes see online. The background is beautifully blurred and sometimes the foregro
Even if you are only a beginner photographer, chances are that you have already encountered or heard the words “HDR photography” at least a couple of times in your life. This particular photography