Film is Not Dead: Where to Buy Film Online

Film is Not Dead: Where to Buy Film Online

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Film is Not Dead: Where to Buy Film Online

Whilst the majority of photographers have shifted to using digital cameras these days, the truth is that film isn’t dead! Just like record turntables, film photography is making a comeback.

A combination of unique aesthetic quality and nostalgia has contributed to the film photography resurgence. However, unless you know exactly where to go, it can be difficult to find photographic film to purchase.

If you live in the USA, then most likely, you will be able to find film in your local camera store or even retail stores such as Walmart and Target. Things get a little bit more difficult when you live in a place where these shops just don’t exist, not to mention if you’ve got a particular type of analogue camera for which film is no longer produced.

Whether you’re looking for 35mm slide film, infrared film or even out-of-date film, there’s bound to be someplace in the world that has what you need in stock. To prove that film is very much alive, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best places to buy film online so that you can keep on shooting!

Film is Not Dead: Where to Buy Film OnlineFilm is not dead. Photo by: 'Unsplash'.

Film Photography Project

The Film Photography Project (FPP) is not just a place that you can buy film; it’s also an Internet radio show and online resource for film shooters worldwide. The team is passionate about film photography, which reflects in what they offer through their online store. This includes reliable brands at affordable prices, as well as specialty hand-rolled “small batch” films, film development starter kits, photochemistry and darkroom supplies.

Film is Not Dead: Where to Buy Film OnlineKodak Professional Ektar 100. Photo by: 'Unsplash'.

You can expect to find everything from Kodak film through to rarer brands, such as Svema, Film Washi and their own signature film, Derev Pan. There is also a good range of orthochromatic, 110, 116, 120, 620 and large format sheet film available for purchase.

Film is Not Dead: Where to Buy Film Online35mm film for colour prints. Photo by: 'Unsplash'.

If you’re shopping for someone else then you can even pick an FPP gift card. The store accepts a number of different methods of payment. Every purchase helps to support the FPP podcast, student film camera donation program, newsletter and instructional videos. The store is based in the USA but international shipping is available.

Vanbar Imaging

Vanbar is a hidden gem in Melbourne, Australia. It’s a place that is frequented by serious photographers with a strong passion in photography. Most are in search of truly professional service and guidance, delivered by staff with an extensive knowledge and experience in the art.

Film is Not Dead: Where to Buy Film OnlineYou'll find all types of film at Vanbar. Photo by: 'Unsplash'.

In the Vanbar online catalogue, you’ll find a huge range of black and white, colour, graphic, instant, scientific and expired film. If you’re lucky enough to visit the store in person, then you’ll see it lined up in fridges along the walls.

Film is Not Dead: Where to Buy Film OnlineVanbar stocks many different brands, including expired and scientific film. Photo by: 'Unsplash'.

Brands include Agfa, Adox, Foma, Ilford, Kentmere, Kodak, Lomography, Rollei, Cinestill, Fuji, Maco, Polaroid and more. Aside from film, you’ll find a huge selection of darkroom products, chemistry and storage options. International shipping is available to most countries with payments made through PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and Amex.

Analogue Wonderland

Analogue Wonderland is a one-stop film shop for serious film photographers. With over 200 films in stock, you’re bound to find the film you need to achieve the look that you’re after. This is a small family-run business located in the south of England. However, they ship all over Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand.

Film is Not Dead: Where to Buy Film OnlineKosmo film. Photo by: 'Unsplash'.

You’ll find all sorts of film in this online store, including Instax, APS film, super 8 movie film, developer kits, film accessories and more. They also have equipment for dry plate shooting, expired and short-dated films, redscale photography film, as well as creative film brands such as Kosmo Foto and Dubblefilm to spark your imagination.

Ikigai Camera Film Lab

Ikigai Camera is not just a film-processing lab. Located in Australia, this small independent business is committed to keeping film alive!

Film is Not Dead: Where to Buy Film OnlineKodak Portra film. Photo by: 'Unsplash'.

Their online store includes a range of 35mm film, 120 film, 4x5 film, super 8, instant and peel-apart film from brands such as Fujifilm, Kodak, Ilford, Agfa, Polaroid, Cinestill and Lomography. You can also give your friends and loved ones the gift of film with a special Ikigai Camera digital gift card which can be used at checkout or on film processing. The best part is that the gift card never expires!

Film is Not Dead: Where to Buy Film OnlineKodak Professional Ektar 100 film. Photo by: 'Unsplash'.

Shipping from Ikigai Camera Film Lab is available to Australia, New Zealand and the United States only.

Japan Camera Hunter

Bellamy Hunt, also known as Japan Camera Hunter, is a one-man operation based in Tokyo, Japan. He spends his time sourcing camera equipment as well as working on his signature JCH Streetpan film, which he ships to customers all around the world. Whatever it is that you’re looking for, this buyer and broker will utilise his expertise to meet your needs.

Film is Not Dead: Where to Buy Film OnlineJapan Camera Hunter produces JCH Street Pan Film. Photo by: 'Unsplash'.

In his online store, you can find a range of rare analogue cameras, camera accessories, lenses, clothing and of course, film and film cases. All prices are in USD and shipping fees are calculated by weight. Payment is accepted through PayPal or bank transfer.

Camera Film Photo

Located in Hong Kong, Camera Film Photo is an online store that you can count on to deliver a wide range of high quality film photography products, from analogue camera equipment to darkroom accessories, photo paper, photochemistry items and film holders. Brands that are represented include Ilford, Rollei, Bergger, Cinestill, AgfaPhoto, Foma, Kentmere, Rera Pan, Solarcan and more. You’ll also find expired 35mm, 120 and instant film in amongst limited film bundles of Fomapan 120 and JCH Street Pan 400.

Film is Not Dead: Where to Buy Film OnlineCamera Film Photo delivers a wide range of film photography products. Photo by: 'Unsplash'.

International shipping is available to most countries. All prices are quoted in USD and payment with major credit cards or PayPal are accepted.

Brooklyn Film Camera

This is one of those places where Polaroid rules. Located in the USA, Brooklyn Film Camera is a project that was started by a bunch of film enthusiasts, all who happen to be former employees and camera technicians at The Impossible Project (now known as Polaroid).

Film is Not Dead: Where to Buy Film OnlinePolaroid Originals is the specialty of Brooklyn Film Camera. Photo by: 'Unsplash'.

The online film store is well-stocked with a range of Polaroid Originals. You’ll also find other film brands here including Fujifilm, Kodak, Cinestill, Revolog, Ilford, JCH and Ferrania.

Film is Not Dead: Where to Buy Film OnlineThey also stock JCH Street Pan. Photo by: 'Unsplash'.

Purchases made in the online store may be shipped throughout the US and internationally, with payments being made through PayPal. 

Parallax Photographic

The Parallax Photographic Coop sells film, paper, chemistry and more. They pride themselves on being a fair and ethical photographic retailer that supports the film  photography community.

Film is Not Dead: Where to Buy Film OnlineCinestill film is one of the brands that you'll find at Parallax Photographic. Photo by: 'Unsplash'.

In their online store, you’ll find a range of black and white film, colour film, instant film, cine film and more. Brands include Ilford, Fomapan, Kodak, Kentmere, Fuji, Cinestill, Polaroid Originals, Lomography, Dubblefilm and Revolog. They also stock colour film chemistry and film processing equipment, as well as film storage options. If you’re after specialist film photography products, such as argyrotype, cyanotype, photographic emulsion, salt printing or pinhole camera kits, then this is the place to go.

Film is Not Dead: Where to Buy Film OnlineKodak Professional Tri-X 400 film. Photo by: 'Unsplash'.

Although these guys are physically based in the UK, they also deliver to most countries worldwide. If you can’t see a delivery option for your country, then you can simply contact them for a custom shipping quote.

Frugal Photographer

Frugal Photographer is another one-person operation, run by David Foy in Canada. Not only does he manufacture 127 film but he also sells a range of film for 127 cameras, including Bluefire Murano 160 and Rera Pan. In this store, you’ll also find inexpensive, outdated film to experiment with old Kodak, Canon, Minolta and other 110 cameras, such as the Kellogg mini camera. Of course, there’s also expired APS film and other accessories for purchase, like the AP film processing tank to process your own film at home.

Film is Not Dead: Where to Buy Film OnlineFrugal Photographer manufactures film for certain types of cameras. Photo by: 'Unsplash'.

The Frugal Photographer operates an online store that ships internationally, even to Antarctica. Payment may be made using PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, or Discover.

Film Never Die

Film Never Die is located in Melbourne, Australia. It is run by a group of film enthusiasts who also offer black and white film developing courses, as well as a monthly photo walk.

Film is Not Dead: Where to Buy Film OnlineKodak Portra 400. Photo by: 'Unsplash'.

You can expect to find a good range of 35mm, 120, instant and super 8 film in their online store. Brands include Kodak, Agfa, Fujifilm, Rollei, Bergger, Ilford, Cinestill, Arista, Foma and Polaroid Originals. They also stock film photography accessories, such as film pins by Third Culture and film storage cases.

Film is Not Dead: Where to Buy Film OnlineIlford is one of the brands stocked by Film Never Die. Photo by: 'Unsplash'.

Film Never Die also provides both film developing and film scanning services. Mail-in orders are accepted. Shipping from the online store is available only within Australia.


Lomography is a brand that began in Austria and which specialises in manufacturing creative analogue cameras. Their line-up includes the legendary Lomo LC-A, Lubitel 166%, Diana F+, Spinner 360°, Sprocket Rocket, La Sardina and more.

Film is Not Dead: Where to Buy Film OnlineLomography makes specialty cameras and the film to go with them. Photo by: 'Bilby,Wikimedia Commons'.

Alongside these cameras, they constantly invent new and exciting films for use with 35mm, 120 and 110 format systems. Unique chemical formulas and emulsions make their Lomochrome films truly stand out. In addition, they sell colour negative, slide, rescale and black and white film across a variety of different brands, such as KONO!, Revolog, Kodak and Ilford.

Film is Not Dead: Where to Buy Film OnlineFilm for the Diana F+. Photo by: 'Unsplash'.

Shopping online with Lomography is easy. They offer a number of ways to save, including discounts on camera and Lomography film purchases, bundles and voucher codes. They also have an online film developing service as well as a helpful FAQ section on their website where they respond to many common questions about film and film photography. Shipping is available to most countries around the world. Payment is via Paypal, Visa, MasterCard and Diners Club.

B&H Photo

B&H Photo is not exactly a small operation. It’s one of the largest and most incredible photography supply stores in the world, so you can bet that they stock a good range of film for analogue cameras.

Film is Not Dead: Where to Buy Film OnlineB&H Photo stocks Lomography products. Photo by: 'Unsplash'.

From instant film to 35mm film, 120 and sheet film in all different sizes, this online store stocks the most popular types of film on the market today. Some items are eligible for free shipping, whilst others are eligible for rebates.

Film is Not Dead: Where to Buy Film OnlineAgfa, Fuji and Lomography are some of the film brands stocked by B&H. Photo by: 'Unsplash'.

These guys are located in the USA but they ship internationally. They’re well-known and extremely well-respected within the photography community.

Photo Warehouse

Photo Warehouse is one of New Zealand’s leading photographic supply companies. They’re staffed by a team of true photography enthusiasts and stock a wide range of film and film cameras.

Film is Not Dead: Where to Buy Film OnlineKodak Professional Tri-X 400. Photo by: 'Unsplash'.

In their online store, you’ll find 120 negative colour film such as Kodak Portra 400, 120 B&W film by Ilford, 35mm slide film, as well as Polaroid and instant film.

Film is Not Dead: Where to Buy Film OnlineKodak transparency film. Photo by: 'Unsplash'.

All prices are displayed in New Zealand dollars. Payment may be made by direct bank transfer and international shipping is available upon request.


While we advocate that you support your local film photography and camera shops wherever possible to ensure that these businesses continue to thrive well into the future, there are other options available for purchasing film on the Internet. If you prefer to do your shopping in an online marketplace, then Amazon certainly fits the bill.

Film is Not Dead: Where to Buy Film OnlineYou'll find some of the bigger name brands such as Kodak on Amazon. Photo by: 'Unsplash'.

You can find everything from 35mm slide film to large format sheet film on Amazon. The bigger names are more prevalent, such as Fujifilm, Kodak and Ilford. Fujifilm Instax is particularly popular on Amazon and in many cases, you’ll be able to buy it in bulk. Some suppliers do stock infrared film, out-of-date film and medium format film, though you’ll be hard pressed to find rare or niche brands.

Film is Not Dead: Where to Buy Film OnlineFujifilm is particularly popular on Amazon. Photo by: 'Unsplash'.

As with any purchase made through Amazon, you’ll need to check with the supplier that they deliver to your location.


If you’re after rare or expired film, then eBay is a great place to shop. Let's face it, you can find anything on eBay. In fact, you might be surprised at some of the types of film that you might find there, including specialty and experimental films produced in only a small or limited quantity.

Film is Not Dead: Where to Buy Film OnlineYou can find anything on eBay, even used and damaged film. Photo by: 'Unsplash'.

Prices on eBay are usually cheaper than other options though you’ll also find film available for auction only. Bidding for some of the harder-to-find films may begin at a very high price.

Film is Not Dead: Where to Buy Film OnlineMake sure to purchase from a reputable seller on eBay. Photo by: 'Unsplash'.

Before you commit to a purchase on eBay, be sure to check the seller’s rating and history. There are lots of imitation products floating around out there so do your research to ensure that you’re buying from a reputable source.

About the author:  Serena Dzenis is a landscape photographer based in Iceland. You can find more of her work on her website or by following her on Facebook and Instagram.

Where do you like to purchase film for your analogue camera? Is there a particular place that you return to for the customer service, the range of film available or some other purpose? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below!