FAQ Greenland tours

How do I get from the airport to the boat?
After collecting your luggage upon arrival a pickup truck with an open and wide platform will transport you to the harbour (approx. 3 minutes ride) where our crew hands over your warm and floatable device (overall) for the tour. Upon boarding the vessel, you’ll be shown to your cabin/bunk. The actual transport to the schooner is done by zodiac – let the adventure begin !!
How difficult is the trip?
The trip is not challenging unless you really want it to be. You can unwind and relax surrounded by the beautiful stunning landscape. You will be able to do some easy to moderately difficult hikes (allways accompagnied with a professional guide) when ashore in various beautiful settings, and if willing, and only if, you can help the crew on board in their tasks while cruising or sailing. No specific preparations or skills are required for the trip itself, but a good spirit and love for the nature and adventure is a „must-bring-along“ !
Do I need to bring sleeping bags and towels along?
Not needed in your baggage, we provide warm bedding and covers as well as blankets and a set of towels.
How is the accommodation onboard?
Your accommodation is in traditional but new and clean bunks. Please understand, the space onboard is limited, also for luggage storage (please do not bring hard cover luggage).
How is the food offered onboard and do you offer beverages?
Our fullboard service includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. We have put a lot of care in planning supplies and your meals. Occasionally we also serve a light snack during the day, and snacks are also available upon request. Soft drinks and water are available at any time and alchoolic beverage/liquor is for sale onboard at a reasonable price. After you confirm your booking, a Medical Information sheet will be sent to you, gathering information on your health and/or allergies for various foods.
Is there a shower onboard?
Yes, we have a simple but hot shower onboard, which is available most of the times. But please understand, water supply can be limited, therefore we will kindly ask you to adapt.
How is the acessibility onboard?
Please be aware, the staircases to living quarters have steep stairs but with good railing and parts of the ship have a low ceiling so mind your head. You should also be aware, that transfer between land and the schooner is operated by zodiac (there are no harbours in the whole of Scoresbysund area), so no gangway.
What should I bring on this expedition?
  • Small flashlight
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun-protection and bug repellant
  • Warm clothes incl. scarf, mittens, hat and warm
  • Thermal underwear
  • Light wool sweater or fleece (2nd layer).
  • Warm Jacket – Wool or fleece (3rd layer).
  • Shell Jacket or/and Rain jacket with hood – Waterproof and breathable material. Gore-Tex or alternative
  • Hiking Boots – The boots should be of leather (or leather and synthetic) with high cut to give sufficient ankle support. Preferably the sole should be soft but robust. Gore-Tex or alternative waterproof membrane is a preferable extra.
  • Water container – e.g. plastic bottle (pet plastic).
  • Camera equipmen
  • Toothbrush, earplugs and other personal belongings
  • It is advisable that what you wear is either waterproof or easy to dry
  • No umbrella is needed !
Can I wash or/and dry your clothes?
Due to shortage on water supply, we will ask you to avoid cleaning your clothes on board. If anything gets wet during the trip, the engine room is very warm and can be used as a perfect drying place
Can I recharge batteries and use the electrical power onboard?
Power for charging your batteries is available during sailing, when the motor is running (220V). We ask you to not charge batteries during the night, when anchoring. Standard Icelandic plugs are available (two pins EU size)
Is there phone / web access?
The area we are cruising is very remote. Cell phones and internet are not working. Part of the charm of the trip is this fact actually! However cell phones work at the airport in Constable Point. If urgent, passengers can make a phonecall with one of the ship’s satellite phones or send e-mail, sms or fax via Inmarsat, (the ship’s satellite communications system)
How is the climate / weather ?
You can expect temperatures between 2 and 12 dregree Celsius, but the area is also known for having very little rain. It can be windy but on clear days and no wind, the sun can be very strong! Due to the longlasting high pressure over Greenland, the weather is usually very still
Do you use the sails most of the time?
No! Due to still weathers, narrow fjords and many icebergs we use the engine most of the time when traveling in the fjord system. We will however take up sails when possible and at least one time during the trip we should have the opportunity to experience proper sailing, without the engine. The crew will gladly and proudly educate you about the Sailing ships.
Can I help/assist onboard?
You are more than welcome to assist at any point with whatever duties need to be done – but it is not mandatory at all.
Am I likely to be seasick?
No !! The excitement of your approaching sea cruise needn't be spoiled with the fear of sea sickness. Until you actually sail, there's no way to tell. Please note however, that the sea in Scoresbysund fjord is very calm and you are therefore not likely to get seasick. However, if you tend to suffer from this illness, like many other people, the best is to take sea sickness precautions. If you haven't been to sea before, better be safe than sorry and take preventative measures. The motion sickness patch is probably the most popular these days - to be placed behind your ear 4 hours before boarding and changed if necessary after 72 hours. This is quite an effective way to prevent seasickness but causes things like a dry mouth and blurry vision. Better to be thirsty than sick, though! The active ingredient, scopolamine, is absorbed through the skin.
Do I need cash and various monies currencies?
We kindly ask to pay your consumption of alcoholic beverages onboard on the last day in cash in ISK or EUR. We do not accept creditcards. There is only one small souvenir shop, supermarket, small shop and one bar in Ittoqqortoormiit. They do accept DKK or EUR. Payment in EUR will receive change in DKK. Credit cards are accepted only at the supermarket and the souvenir shop.