15 ice cave photos that will blow your mind.

These are caves made of ice, that have opened within a glacier. Most of them are formed by water running either through tunnels in the ice or on the ground underneath the glacier. The water may originate on the glacier‘s surface through melting, and heat transfer may be enough to create an air filled cavity. The movement of air can then enlarge the cave through melting in summer and sublimation in winter.

Some of these ice caves are formed by geothermal vents or hot springs underneath the ice. As glaciers are constantly moving, these ice caves are not permanent and their solidness may vary greatly. They should only be entered in the company of a seasoned ice cave guide and utmost caution should be observed at all times. Entering an ice cave, particularly a vast one such as “Crystal Ice Cave” is, however, a breathtaking experience. Opportunities for photographing are also great here, the glistening of the ice and the light and hues make for some truly memorable photos. 

Ice cave tours have become increasingly popular with photographers highlighting their natural beauty. On this page you can see some of the pictures that I have been taking during my photography workshops in Iceland.

Here you can book a Photography workshop in Iceland  for next winter, but if you´re just looking for normal ice cave tours you can find them on Guide to Iceland. There is a 3 day guided ice cave trip from Reykjavík, a self drive to see an ice cave and an ice cave day tour from Vatnajökull national park.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and that you get to see an ice cave sometime soon with your own eyes.

Photo tours in Iceland : www.iuriebelegurschi.com
Photo tours in Iceland : www.iuriebelegurschi.com

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