Зимние мастер-классы в Исландии

Зимние мастер-классы в Исландии

Увековечьте исландские зимние пейзажи, поймайте в кадр ускользающее северное сияние и сияющие ледники, выбирая один из этих невероятных мастер-классов, организованных профессиональными местными фотографами.
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Зимние мастер-классы в Исландии

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Ricardo Guytingco

Ricardo Guytingco

13/02/2019, 17:15
Review of 10-дневный фототур | Северное сияние и ледяные пещеры

I thoroughly enjoyed the photo tour, notwithstanding the weather but that was to be expected! And we got that spectacular night of aurora.The itinerary was great, with flexibility based on weather (I still hear you shouting while on the cliff: “mammatus clouds, mammatus clouds!!) and shooting conditions as they arose.The accommodations were very good as far as I was concerned, considering the remote locations involved. The food, to my surprise, was very very good!! Even better than the food we had in our Disney Fantasy cruise last year!!You and Thor were excellent guides, looking after and helping each participant hands on, lending photo equipment to help enhance or salvage their photography (too bad about the damaged equipment, happens to everyone eventually).Your lectures were very informative and the photos used were very inspiring. The group composition and size were great and made for a fun experience; loose and carefree demeanor. I like what John said, but not just any 2 Puerto Ricans, but those 2 Puerto Ricans. Overall the trip: “great bang for the buck!”, Iceland is awesome, I plan to come back and perhaps join the inland tour next year.I signed up for the October Tuscany trip.Congratulations on your obvious success with your career so far, good luck on your future endeavor, maybe our photographing paths will cross again!

Вопросы и ответы

When is winter in Iceland?

In Iceland, winter starts at the end of October and runs through until the end of March.

Is winter a good time to visit Iceland?

Winter is a great time to visit Iceland for photography, when the landscape is swathed in an enchanting layer of snow. The arctic light takes on an ethereal glow, making the country seem even more magical. Here are 8 things you need to know about photographing Iceland in winter.

What is the temperature in Iceland during winter?

Winters are not as cold in Iceland as people may think. The average low is approximately -2 degrees Celsius (28.4 Fahrenheit), whereas the average high is about 3 degrees Celsius (37.4 Fahrenheit). You’ll find the indoors to be quite toasty and warm though, as Iceland runs on inexpensive geothermal energy.

How much daylight is there during winter in Iceland?

There are around 4-5 hours of daylight during winter in Iceland. The long and dark nights are perfect for chasing the Northern Lights.

Will I see the Northern Lights during my photo tour in Iceland?

If the weather is clear and aurora activity is forecast, then the Northern Lights (or Aurora Borealis) can be seen in Iceland from late August until the beginning of April. Generally, you will have the chance to see them during our winter photo tours. Though we do our best to monitor the aurora activity and weather conditions, we cannot guarantee that you will see them during your visit to Iceland.

When is the ice cave season in Iceland?

Ice caves are accessible from mid November until the end of March. Your best bet to see an ice cave is to join any one of our winter photo tours. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Photographing Ice Caves.

What is the weather like for photography when it's winter in Iceland?

The weather in Iceland can fluctuate. One second, it may be sunny and then raining the next. Conditions are generally mild, though it can get windy and stormy at times in winter. Find out the best time to visit Iceland for photography.

What should I pack for a winter photo tour in Iceland?

It can get very cold during winter in Iceland, particularly when you are standing around at night waiting for the Northern Lights. Here is some information on what to wear for winter photo tours.

Is it possible to visit the Icelandic Highlands in winter?

The roads to the Highlands close during winter and re-open again in summer. Though it's not possible to visit locations such as Landmannalaugar or Kerlingarfjöll, some of our winter photography workshops involve taking a super jeep through the snow to reach spectacular waterfalls in the Highlands, such as Aldeyjarfoss.

Will I be able to photograph puffins during winter in Iceland?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Puffins nest in Iceland from the middle of May and fly away from the island at the beginning of September. For your best chance to photograph puffins, check out our summer photography workshops in Iceland.