Private Touren

Private Touren

Private Touren in Island ermöglichen ein intimes Reiseerlebnis in kleinen Gruppen. Gestalte deine Reise ganz nach deinen Wünschen und genieße die volle Aufmerksamkeit von professionellen Fotoguides.
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Private Touren

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Should I take a private photo tour in Iceland?

Private photography tours are the ultimate way to travel around Iceland for independent photographers. They offer the convenience of photography education and guidance around Iceland combined with pre-booked accommodation and transport along the route. This is important because accommodation can be difficult to find at short notice in Iceland, particularly during the high season in summer and winter.

What are the benefits of a private photo tour in Iceland?

The biggest benefit of a private photography tour around Iceland is that you can choose to explore a certain area in depth or to travel around the country, photographing the many diverse landscapes, while receiving close attention from your professional photography guide.

How does a private photo tour work?

You will be transported in comfort to each destination, receive great advice on the right camera equipment to use for each shoot, and learn to capture the natural beauty of Iceland without having to undertake copious amounts of research.

What is the role of my photo guide?

Timing is everything in photography, so your photography guide will be constantly monitoring the conditions and keeping an eye on the times for periods such as sunrise, sunset, golden hour and blue hour. They will plan ahead to ensure that you get to your destination well ahead of your shoot and help you to find the best compositions.

What kind of private tour is best for me?

We have a number of private day tours in Iceland and shorter multi-day workshops, guided by our team of professional photographers. All you have to do is decide where you want to go.

What can I learn on a private photo tour?

You will have the opportunity to learn just as much on these tours as you would on a group photography workshop in Iceland. You can also choose to focus on certain skills. Our photography guides are flexible and will give you close 1:1 supervision.

How does a private photo tour differ from self-driving around Iceland?

Self-driving around Iceland may not be rewarding if you have little to no experience in photography. It may also be difficult to learn more advanced techniques, such as how to photograph the Northern Lights or to make a long exposure at the Diamond Beach when you are by yourself. Even if you are a seasoned a photographer, it can be difficult to pin down good locations for photography. Our guides are experts in photography; they know all the best locations in Iceland and are willing to share their knowledge with you.

Will I have a driver on a private photo tour?

Driving in Iceland can be difficult if you're not used to the conditions. In addition, driving during the winter in Iceland is only for the very experienced. On a private photography tour, your photo guide will be capable of driving you safely around Iceland, in a vehicle that can handle the weather.

Can I see the Northern Lights on a private tour?

Yes, we offer a private Northern Lights photography tour. You'll be picked up from your hotel in Reykjavík by your photo guide, who will transport you out of the city in search of the perfect conditions for Aurora photography.

Can you tailor-make a tour, just for us?

Yes, we can tailor a private tour to suit your educational needs. Get in touch with us and let us know about your requirements. We'll do our best to make it possible!