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Experience a unique encounter with humpback whales on a whale watching cruise of Eyjafjörður, departing from Akureyri, the northern capital of Iceland!

Available all year-round, this incredible adventure through Iceland’s longest fjord will give you spectacular 360-degree views of the stunning surroundings as you sail the tranquil waters, in search of these gentle giants.

Eyjafjörður is one of the best places to spot whales along Iceland’s northern coast as they migrate to their annual feeding grounds. This special three-hour excursion aboard a high-speed vessel is the fastest way to get out into the fjord and maximise your whale watching time.

You’ll embark upon a specially modified catamaran from the floating pier in Akureyri. It features a large indoor area with a bar where you can relax, several outdoor viewing platforms, as well as a room full of overalls to keep you warm and dry. As you set sail into the fjord, you’ll catch a wonderful sight of the mountainous Tröllaskagi peninsula, fading upon the horizon.

A variety of species of whales may be found in the waters along Iceland’s northern coast, though humpback whales are the most common. White beaked dolphins, harbour porpoises and seals are also seen regularly, frolicking amongst the waves. Out on the open water, you’ll be perfectly placed to observe a range of whale surface behaviours, including breaching, fluke diving and lunge feeding. If you’re lucky, you may even see blue whales, orcas and fin whales, feasting in these rich waters.

For those who will be travelling during summer, you’ll have the chance to witness a large number of seabirds that nest along the northern coast of Iceland and which spend their time hunting for fish at sea. This includes Atlantic puffins, kittiwakes, fulmars and guillemots, making the area a veritable paradise for bird watchers and animal lovers alike. If you’ll be travelling in winter, then you’ll have glorious panoramic views of the awe-inspiring snow capped mountains between Eyjafjörður and Skagafjörður, reaching over 1,000 metres above sea level.

Throughout this tour, you’ll be accompanied by experienced crew members who are experts at tracking and monitoring the movements of marine mammals. They’ll share their breadth of knowledge with you in relation to these beautiful creatures, so feel free to ask any questions that you may have. While they’ll do their best to ensure that you’ll be well-placed to see the whales at any given time, whale sightings and behaviours cannot always be guaranteed. If you do not catch sight of any whales or dolphins during your tour, then you’ll receive a voucher to return at another time, free of charge.

See magnificent marine mammals on this once in a lifetime whale watching cruise through Eyjafjörður in the north of Iceland, departing from Akureyri! Spaces are limited so bookings are essential. Check availability by choosing a date.

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Whale Watching
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Warm clothing
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Camera (if taking photographs)

Good to know

If your tour is cancelled due to weather, or in the highly unlikely chance that you do not see a cetacean, you will get to join another tour without charge.

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