10 Day Photo Workshop in the Highlands & South Coast

10 Day Photo Workshop in the Highlands & South Coast
Háifoss waterfall is located in quite remote location but it is certainly worth the visit to see it fall an astonishing 120-metres.
A beautiful mountain peak in the Icelandic Highlands bathed in the warm summer sun.
Háifoss waterfall is the fifth tallest waterfall in Iceland and its waters plummet over a distance of 120-metres.
A trip into the Highlands is a trip into the clouds as the majestic mountains tower over every horizon.
Water fills volcanic craters creating beautiful lakes of mesmerising colours.
Mountains of many different shapes and sizes fill the Icelandic Highlands.
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Journey across some of Iceland's most remote landscapes on this 10-day photography tour of the Highlands and South Coast. This tour is perfect for photographers with a sense of adventure as well as looking to sharpen their camera skills.

You’ll be whisked away in a modified 4X4 vehicle to the heart of Iceland’s remote highlands, where you’ll capture desolate scenes of natural beauty and photograph Iceland’s iconic landscapes.

You will see the captivating geothermal sceneries to be found at both Hveravellir and Landmannalaugar, the multi-coloured rhyolite mountain ranges across the central Highlands, countless waterfalls as well as the serene and splendid glacier lagoon at Jökulsárlón.

Iceland truly is a land of contrasts. At Fjaðrárgljúfur and Sigöldugljúfur canyons, you will photograph lush, green, moss-covered scenes whereas at the Diamond Beach you will capture glistening ice crystals as they sit upon the volcanic black sands that Icelandic beaches are famous for. You will visit the most famous of these, Reynisfjara beach.

The tour will be led in small groups by award-winning, professional photographers, giving you the opportunity to hone your skills in the company of friendly, knowledgeable experts. Every evening, your accommodation will be arranged for you as well as all of your meals and airport transfers.

Pack your camera and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime, as you venture out into the wilderness to explore Landmannalaugar, Vatnajökull and beyond. Check availability by choosing a date.

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: Jul. - Sep.
  • Duration: 10 days
  • Activities: Sight Seeing, Photo Tours, Photo Workshop
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Minimum age: 18 years.
  • Languages: English
  • Attractions: Reykjavík, Vatnajökull National Park, Jökulsárlón, Diamond Beach, Skaftafell , Vestrahorn, Fjaðrárgljúfur, Hveravellir, Kerlingafjöll, Gýgjarforss, Landmannalaugar, Hekla, Háifoss, Ljótipollur, Bláhylur, Hjálparfoss, Sigöldugljúfur / Valley of tears, Frostastaðavatn, Katla, Mýrdalsjökull, Axlarfoss, Eldgjá, Kirkjubæjarklaustur
Pickup information:
  • Departure time : Flexible.

We will email you the location of your hotel when booking is finished.
  • Professional photo guide

  • Transportation in a comfortable vehicle

  • Accommodation in hotels and guesthouses. Rooms with private bathrooms.

  • All breakfasts; Group dinner on Day 1 and Day 9

  • All lunches; Dinners from Day 2 to Day 8

  • Alcohol, snacks and beverages

  • International flights

What to bring:
  • After you sign up, we'll send you a recommended camera gear and packing list.

Why book with us?

- We are a local tour operator and travel agency authorised by the tourism board of Iceland.

- We offer small group tours with a maximum group size of 10-12. This way, you’ll get to know your photography guide and we can take you to shoot in unique places that aren’t suitable for larger groups.

- All our guests get a free collection of post-processing videos from our award-winning photographers worth over $1,500.

- On our tours we use comfortable vehicles to safely transport you to amazing locations.

- We are using only the best hotels available in Iceland.

- Our photo tours and workshops are guided by award-winning professional landscape photographers.

- We provide crampons and rubber boots for free to all our guests throughout the tour.

- During the tour, we give highly informative and easy-to-follow photography and post-processing lectures.

- Our photo guides will always help you in the field to make sure you will bring home stunning photos of Iceland.

Daily itinerary

Day 1 - Arrival

Hallgrímskirkja church awash in the glow of the Midnight Sun of the Icelandic summertime.

You will arrive, as most visitors to Iceland inevitably do, via Keflavík International Airport. From there a quick and comfortable airport transfer will take you to your accommodation in the centre of Reykjavík.

Once you have checked in and settled down, you'll meet your group and guide in the lobby at 7 PM. From there, you'll head out with the group for a delicious meal at a local restaurant and spend the evening getting to know each other as well as taking a closer look at the itinerary. before retiring to your accommodation for the night.

Day 2 - Kerlingarfjoll Mountains in the Highlands

In Iceland's Highlands, you have the opportunity to see some of the most alien landscapes you will ever witness with your eyes.

Day two represents the official beginning of your photo tour. Your journey begins by boarding your comfortable minibus in Reykjavík and setting off for the central Highlands in the heart of the country.

There will be many photo opportunities throughout the day, one of which will be at the Hverarvellir geothermal area and nature reserve known for its beautiful azure hot springs, smoking fumaroles, multi-coloured rock features and bubbling mud puddles.

One of the day’s highlights will include photographing the mystical mountains of Kerlingarfjöll, which are made of rhyolite and appear to glow different shades of red and yellow depending on the light conditions. 

You will also visit the beautiful and thundering waterfall Gýgjarfoss on the Jökulfall river. This waterfall measures at only 5-metres tall but it is over 20-metres wide and boasts a stunning backdrop of epic, snow-tipped mountains looming on an imposing horizon, making for an excellent photo opportunity.

Your accommodation for the evening will be in the Kerlingarföll area.

Day 3 - Landmannalaugar

Bláhylur crater is home to a brilliantly blue lake and here you can see its vivd colouration captured at sunset.

On day three you'll be heading south towards Landmannalaugar, a stunning, mountainous area in the Fjallabak Nature Reserve only accessible with a 4WD. There you'll photograph more rhyolite peaks, the area’s black lava fields and the mighty Hekla volcano that stands a little to the west.

Although Hekla is an active volcano with a pretty ominous nickname (“Gateway to Hell”) the area’s multi-coloured mountains and barren landscapes make it a photographer’s wonderland. Your professional photo guides will talk you through everything you need to perfectly capture the many contrasting shapes, colours and textures.

You will be spending the next three days exploring the rich and varied scenes on offer in the Landmannalaugar region. Please be advised that the order in which you see the following sights may vary day to day as compared to this i

The magical crater lakes of Bláhylur and Ljótipollur in Veidivotn are easily two of Iceland’s best-kept secrets. Despite translating as “The Blue Puddle“ and “The Ugly Puddle” respectively, they are both a whole lot more breathtaking than their names suggest! Especially impressive is Ljotipollur, with its red sand slopes giving way to a cool blue pool.

Day 4 - Highland Waterfalls

Sigöldugljúfur canyon is an region which looks like the earth is being torn in two and it is unquestionably beautiful.

Your exploration of the Landmannalaugur area continues!

You will spend plenty of time photographing the Háifoss waterfall. It’s known as “The Tall Falls” and is Iceland’s fifth-highest, with a torrent of water cascading down from a height of 122 meters. Háifoss falls down into a deep gorge on the Þórsá glacier river, so there are plenty of spectacular angles, along with a watery haze, that we can use to create a perfect composition.

Another waterfall to discover in this part of Iceland’s highlands is Hjálparfoss on the river Fossá. The unique, twin basalt structure means that the river is split into two for a matter of seconds before falling into a calm oasis.

The whitewash of the falls gives a fantastic splash effect for our photographs, with the (hopefully) blue sky and rolling hills offering a wonderful backdrop.

You will once again spend your evening in the Landmannaugur area.

Day 5 - Mountains & Lava Fields

It is not possible to access the far-flung Highlands in the wintertime, however, in the summer, the entire region is a magnet for hikers and landscape photographers.

On this day, you will continue your exploration of the Landsmannalaugur area.

This area is one of the most popular and photogenic resorts in Iceland, with hot springs, natural baths, glittering rhyolite mountains, rock formations, lava fields and rich vegetation.

You will have plenty of time to photograph the vast array of scenes, and there will be two specific visits that you will make to some of the famous local sites. The first is the ridge over Frostastaðavatn lake, which offers wondrous views of the water and surrounding landscape. The second is Sigöldugljúfur canyon, where countless waterfalls meet and fall together down the cliffs and into the river below.

All that photography is hard work, so your guides will make sure there’s enough time for a visit to Landmannalaugar’s natural baths. Your accommodation will be in the Landmannalaugur area.

Day 6 - South Fjallabak Highlands

On any trip to Iceland's Highlands in is essential that you pack your sense of adventure.

On the sixth day of your Icelandic Highlands adventure, the group will head along the South Fjallabak highland route to the north of Mýrdalsjökull glacier. This ice cap covers the active volcano Katla, and, as you might expect, you will encounter a diverse volcanic landscape with plenty of opportunities for great photography.

Among your subjects will be the otherworldly black lava sands, the deformed lava statues that have stood for thousands of years, and the imposing mountain of Öldufell. With the right light and weather conditions, Öldufell’s cone-shape and the green valleys at its base look like something out of a fairytale.

Our next stop will be the Axlarfoss waterfall, which pours over basalt columns into the Hólmsá river. A photogenic contrast here is provided by the vivid green landscape and the volcanic cliffs that jut to either side of the falls.

The final stop on day six will be a quick exploration of the world’s largest volcanic canyon, Eldgjá. To gaze down the canyon is almost to see the world itself splitting into two pieces. The canyon is 600-metres wide and 270-metres deep, stretching from the Mýrdalsjökull glacier to peak of Gjátindur.

Your accommodation for the evening will be close to the village of Kirkjubæjarklaustur.

Day 7 - Vatnajokull National Park

Dramatic moss covered canyons, such as this one, Fjaðrárgljúfu, spark the imagination; so much so that Game of Thrones used this location for scenes in Season 8 of the show.

Day seven will begin with another incredible Icelandic canyon. Fjaðrárgljúfur may not be as deep or as wide as Eldgjá, but the spectacular rock formations that run along its border make it an irresistible subject for landscape photography.

Afterwards, the tour will head further east to the mystical Vatnajökull National Park. Here you will skirt the boundaries of volcanoes and glaciers, taking in the natural wonders of Skaftafell Nature Reserve.

Your accommodation for the evening will be in Vatnajökull National Park.

Day 8 - Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon

It's possible to spend several days taking pictures at Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon and no shot will be the same.

On day eight you have one simple mission: to see and capture as much of the Vatnajökull National Park as possible. Unsurprisingly, the park is one of Iceland’s most photographed places and the majority of your day will be spent capturing what is often referred to as the 'Crown Jewel of Iceland', Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon.

Here, giant icebergs break away from their mother glacier tongue and float serenely on the waters of the lagoon, gently out to sea. Each iceberg is unique in shape and colour guaranteeing that no photo is the same. It is often possible to spot resident seals weaving past the ice.

Next to the lagoon is the world-famous Diamond Beach; a stretch of coast where icebergs from Jökulsárlón wash up on the shore where their glittering crystalline appearance contrasts beautifully with the black sands upon which the rest.

Your final subject for the day will be Mount Vestrahorn which can be found on the Stokksnes peninsula. This elevation is famous for its multiple angular peaks that seem to erupt out of the Atlantic ocean and make for exciting and dramatic photos.

You will once again spend the evening in the Vatnajökull area.

Day 9 - South Coast

Seljalandsfoss waterfall is an excellent subject to capture at sunset, especially while standing in the concave cavern that the natural feature backs up onto.

Day nine will mark the beginning of our journey back toward the capital. You will drive along Iceland’s picturesque south coast, which is dotted with dramatic shorelines, impressive waterfalls and rock formations sculpted by time and the elements.

You will be able to capture the beautiful sea stacks Reynisdrangar from Reynisfjara black sand beach, a location that was once voted the most beautiful non-tropical beach in the world. Marvel at the hexagonal basalt columns and watch as the waves crash in on the shore.

You will also see the majestic waterfall Skógafoss and Seljalandsfoss, both of which fall from 60-metres from the Southern Highland interior but take very different forms. Skógafoss falls in a wide thunderous curtain whereas Seljalandsfoss cascades over a concave cavern, allowing visitors to walk behind it.

After your trip through Iceland, you will return to accommodation in the capital city, Reykjavík.

Day 10 - Departure

The Sun Voyager sculpture at sunset. This wonderful work of art can be found next to Harpa Concert Hall in downtown Reykjavík.

On day ten you will wake in Reykjavik and say your goodbyes. You will then take a quick and comfortable prearranged airport transfer to Keflavík International Airport, laden with memories, photographs, and photography tips from an unforgettable adventure.


We highly recommend that you get a travel and medical insurance. Your own domestic medical insurance and private health scheme will not cover you whilst you are overseas.

The tour is always dependent on weather, as the Icelandic weather can indeed be highly unpredictable. Likewise, visits to ice caves are dependent on favorable conditions, and indeed the ice caves themselves are not permanent. When it comes to the Northern Lights, while they are most likely to be seen between September and April, there is no guarantee that they will appear on a given day.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

If you cancel and the Workshop is otherwise filled, we will refund you the full amount you have paid towards the tuition, minus a $300 service charge. If you cancel and the Workshop does not fill, then you will be refunded according to the following schedule, based on the full fee of the Workshop:

Greater than 60 days from the start date of the Workshop: full refund minus $300 fee.
45 days or more: 75% refund
30 days or more: 50% refund
Less than 30 days: no refund

Refunds will be paid by the same method that the original payment was made. Refunds will be initiated within 72 hours of the time that the request is approved.

Dates and Guides

24 Jul-2 Aug 2020
7-16 Aug 2020
4-13 Sep 2020


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We wish to send you both our sincere “thank you” for the professionalism and expertise as guides and instructors to the wonderful Iceland photography tour. The places that we visited were amazingly beautiful and with your valuable guidance, enabling us to capture most exciting images far beyond our wildest imaginations, despites the unpredictable wet weather. Moreover the accommodations, meals and transportations were all outstanding, much better than some other photography tours that we have been with…Thanks again and look forward to joining another trip with you guys.
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After a long weekend in Iceland being tempted by the beauty of the landscape, my husband and I just had to come back. We have been on many photographic tours, but this was mindblowing, amazing,unforgettable…. adequate words escape me! Iurie and his team provided a tour which totally exceeded all our expectations. Everything was perfectly planned…as far as possible given the vagaries of the Icelandic weather. Hotels, food and transport were all wonderful, and the locations were just “wow”. The bus was even large enough for each of us to have 2 seats. The level of attention to detail and help given to all of us that our guides provided was outstanding. I only hope that one day I can develop the sort of natural eye that they both have. Our guides tutorials were incredibly informative and I hope will help me to take my photography to the next level. And with all those wonderful photos to process, the post-processing workshop will help those images to “pop” even more.This was a superb trip, and we cannot recommend highly enough Iceland Photo Tours for any Icelandic photo trip you may be contemplating. We cant wait to come back!
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An impulsive, heart-driven decision led me to Iceland. It is incredible how a step towards the right direction might end up being one of the most memorable experiences of your life. I wanted to take my photography to the next level and combine it with my passion for travelling, so Iceland Photo Tours was the way to go! Landscape photography is a highly demanding art. Shooting under the unpredictable conditions of the Icelandic weather was a very good challenge and learning experience. Our guides did an exceptional job of teaching us and making the experience fun and inspiring. With flexible schedules, comfortable transportation and accommodation, breathtaking scenery and otherworldly locations, the workshop was designed to let us take the best possible pictures we could achieve. If you are pursuing photography, go out and find those opportunities and learning experiences that will enrich your life and get you closer to where you want to be. When’s the next tour?
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I came upon these workshops in Iceland by accident while planning a trip there independently but soon came to realize that this was exactly what I was looking for. Being new to serious landscape photography (coming from a fine art/documentary background), I thought it a good idea to travel with those who knew how to safely handle the terrain, to capture it and who could place me exactly where I needed to be. What I got in return was more than I expected in more ways than one. The trip was meticulously planned with the only disruptions being those from natural weather forces, which in Iceland cannot be helped, it actually added to the adventure. Both our guides were a pleasure to be around and intuitively knew what each of us needed to further our photography, in my case this was space, lots of it!. I had the time and freedom to really soak up the atmosphere and begin to work out how I could visually translate that into imagery. I was hoping for an adventure to rekindle a lost spark for photography and what I got was a visual feast of mass proportion. I am excited to have reclaimed my expression with a camera in this new and refreshed way and that i’s with thanks to everyone who was with us and your trip. Thanks everyone!
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Want to make your photos pop? Are you willing to take your photography to the next level? Do you just need to escape to some place exotic & new? These photo tours offer just that with the convenience of transportation support, excellent lodging and great, local food options. Before, I had lots of trouble producing even a passable photo after a day of shooting, but after the workshop I learned how to actively find and work good angles for landscape photography. Also our guide's deep knowledge of how to post-process photos made the workshop a great value. Our guide also was very focused on our safety & didn't take unnecessary risks during our travels. I would definitely do another workshop with Iceland Photo Tours again.
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