6 Day Photo Workshop Camping in the Icelandic Highlands

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Tour starts
Reykjavík, Iceland
6 days
Ending place
Reykjavík, Iceland
Ending time
Minimum age:
18 years old


Join this six-day camping and photography adventure in the Icelandic Highlands, which will see you following the Midnight Sun and hunting for the best photographic opportunities that Iceland has to offer.

Rather than sticking to a set itinerary, we will work with the available conditions to ensure that you will be in the right place at the right time to capture stunning photos within the moment. Due to the fact it will never get dark, your shooting opportunities will be endless.

The entire tour will be conducted under the helpful eye of our experienced photo guides, who are experts at shooting in Iceland’s diverse and splendid lighting conditions. Having travelled extensively in the Icelandic Highlands, they will be on hand to ensure your safety and to help you develop your skills throughout the workshop.

The Highlands are mostly rugged and uninhabitable, covering a large part of the interior of Iceland. The area that we will explore was carved over a long period of time by volcanic activity and can largely be crossed only during the Icelandic summer.

It is a raw and powerful place, where deserts of black sand, steaming hot springs and barren glacial moraine are interspersed with lush fields of vegetation. The Highlands truly are a paradise.

With such an abundance of photographic opportunities, the Highlands of Iceland provide avid photographers—both aspiring amateurs and established professionals—with countless subjects upon which to improve their landscape photography skills.

Make sure you do not miss this excellent opportunity to explore the Highlands on this unique camping photo workshop, which will take you off the beaten path and into the very heart of Iceland itself. Check availability by choosing a date.

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Professional photo guide
Transportation in a comfortable vehicle
Expedition strength tent, sleeping pad and Sleeping bag. One pers. per tent.
All camping fees


Photo Tours
Photo Workshop

Daily itinerary

Day 1
Þórsmörk is one of the most beautiful and popular valleys in the Icelandic highlands.

Day 1 - Days 1 to 6: A Highlands Camping Photo Adventure

On the first day, you will be picked up by your photo guide in Reykjavík. From there, you will set off into the wild and wonderful Icelandic Highlands, hungry for the stunning secrets and attractions that rest within its borders. Please note that you will get through as many of the following sites as possible over the course of the six days, though the itinerary may mix days and attractions depending on weather conditions. Your photography guide will work with the available conditions to ensure that you will be in the right place at all the right times to capture stunning photos within the moment. Due to the fact it will never get dark, your shooting opportunities will be endless. One possible location is Þórsmörk Nature Reserve, surrounded by mountains and glaciers. Stepping into this lush and ethereal habitat, you'll be in shock at the beauty and vast expanse that surrounds you. The landscapes in this forested valley are so grand and beautiful that they seem otherworldly. But then, is this surprising for a valley named after the Norse God of Thunder, Thor?  Landmannalaugar is another region which you may visit for plenty of shooting opportunities. If you happen to visit the area, then you will be immersed in a dazzling landscape that defies imagination. The hillsides of Landmannalaugar are comprised of rhyolite, a mineral which shimmies in colour as the light moves across it, creating a stunning kaleidoscopic effect. It is beloved for its bubbling geothermal pools, steaming rivers, and brightly coloured rhyolite mountains, and is a paradise for hikers and photographers alike. Another possible location for photography is the bubbling region of Hveravellir, best known for its steaming hot springs, cracked earth and immense geothermal power. Located between the mighty glaciers of Hofsjökull and Langjökull, deep in Iceland’s interior, photographers at Hveravellir will capture a martian-like landscape typical of the Icelandic wilderness. Steaming cinders caught alongside bright-coloured hills, dyed by the elements rising from the centre of the earth, makes for a fascinating composition!  Nearby is the geothermal region of Kerlingarfjöll, the third largest site of its kind in the country. Kerlingarfjöll is a mountain range, standing at 1,477 m tall, meaning you will have epic scenery to complement your shots of Iceland's geothermal activity. Surrounded by dramatic, colourful, rhyolite mountains, the mountain range boasts incredible views of the barren, desert-like regions of the Highlands. Half-disguised by thick pillars of steam, it is a must-see for visitors looking to experience the very best of Iceland's landscapes.  While Hveravellir and Kerlingarfjöll are deep within the Iceland's interior, it is possible that you will also explore verdant areas on its cusp. Þakgil is one such location, a beautiful and dramatic valley of shimmering green vistas and trickling waterfalls. Found between Mýrdalsjökull glacier and the dark outwash plain, Mýrdalssandur, this area boasts some of the most incredible and vivid scenery in the country. Finally, if conditions allow, your photo guide may take you to South Fjallabak, an area of dark forests, moss-layered valley, trickling waterfalls and rumbling hot springs. Guests to the area will also have the opportunity to experience rarer sides of Iceland's nature, including volcanoes, glaciers and iceberg-filled lagoons. In other words, South Fjallabak is everything one could desire as a landscape photographer, one of those rare regions that collates the best of this planet's natural wonders. By the end of your tour, you will have added an enormous number of new pictures to your portfolio—captured memories that are sure to last a lifetime. 
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Good to know

- We are a local tour operator and travel agency authorised by the tourism board of Iceland.

- We offer small group tours with a maximum group size of 10-12. This way, you’ll get to know your photography guide and we can take you to shoot in unique places that aren’t suitable for larger groups.

- All our guests get a free collection of post-processing videos from our award-winning photographers worth over $1,500.

- On our tours we use comfortable vehicles to safely transport you to amazing locations.

- We are using only the best hotels available in Iceland.

- Our photo tours and workshops are guided by award-winning professional landscape photographers.

- We provide crampons and rubber boots for free to all our guests throughout the tour.

- During the tour, we give highly informative and easy-to-follow photography and post-processing lectures.

- Our photo guides will always help you in the field to make sure you will bring home stunning photos of Iceland.

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We highly recommend that you get a travel and medical insurance. Your own domestic medical insurance and private health scheme will not cover you whilst you are overseas.

The tour is always dependent on weather, as the Icelandic weather can indeed be highly unpredictable. Likewise, visits to ice caves are dependent on favorable conditions, and indeed the ice caves themselves are not permanent. When it comes to the Northern Lights, while they are most likely to be seen between September and April, there is no guarantee that they will appear on a given day.


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