3 Day Private Photo Tour of the South Coast

Capture the enormous icebergs at Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon on film with this private photo tour.
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Tour starts
Reykjavík, Iceland
3 days
All year
Minimum age:
18 years old


Capture the beauty of Iceland’s South Coast on film with this private 3-day photography workshop. Those looking to expand their portfolio with images of glaciers, waterfalls, lava fields and a glacier lagoon need to look no further.

You and your group will be picked up in Reykjavík taken on a journey along the South Coast of Iceland. The first photography stops will be the famous waterfalls, Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss, as well as the hidden-gem of Gljúfrabúi falls.

Then you’ll enter Vatnajökull National Park where you can photograph glistening, blue icebergs at Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon and the Diamond beach. You’ll also visit the Stokksnes peninsula where you can snap a few shots of the majestic Vestrahorn mountain and Icelandic horses.

Included is pickup and drop-off in Reykjavík, transportation throughout your journey and guidance of professional, award-winning photographers who will help you get the best photos possible in each location. However, accommodations are not included but we can help you find the best prices and places to stay.

Fill your memory card with stunning landscape photos from the land of ice and fire and book this 3-day photo tour now. Check availability by choosing a date.

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Reykjavík pickup and drop-off
Private photo guide
Transportation by 4x4 jeep


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Daily itinerary

Day 1
Photograph the stunning Seljalandsfoss on this 3-day private photo tour.

Day 1 - South Coast Waterfalls

You’ll be picked up in the morning and taken to Iceland’s South Coast, a stretch of land filled with majestic mountains, glittering glaciers and silvery waterfalls. Your task today is to shoot some of these beautiful cascades and their surrounding environment. Your first stop is at Seljalandsfoss waterfall. This thin stream of water falls from a 60-metre tall cliff over a cave. A footpath takes you inside the cave, behind the curtain of water, so you can take a fantastic photo from a unique angle. A short walk away is a truly hidden gem of the South Coast, Gljúfrabúi waterfall. This 40-metre high waterfall is nestled behind a large cliff, making it a secret spots only a few people know about. To get to the falls, you’ll have to go through a gorge and wade a shallow river, so make sure you bring a raincoat, rubber boots and camera sleeves. Then it is off to Skógafoss waterfall. This majestic cascade is as tall as Seljalandsfoss but much wider. The land underneath the falls is very flat and allows guests to walk right up to the wall of water, this creates a fantastic photo opportunity to show the scale fo the waterfall. If you wish, you can walk up a staircase for a shot of the falls from the top as well as get an amazing view towards the Atlantic Ocean. At the end of the day, your guides will take you to your accommodations.
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Day 2
The otherworldly Eldhraun lava field on the South Coast.

Day 2 - Lava Field & Skaftafell Nature Reserve

Today, you’ll make your way towards Vatnajökull national park, en route is one of the largest lava fields in the world, Eldhraun (Fire lava field). Covered with moss and lichen, it stretches 565 km2 and is one of the most stunning sites in Iceland. The area was created during one of the greatest eruptions in recorded history, known as the Skaftáreldar (The Skaftá river fires). The volcanic eruption lasted from 1783 to 1784 and had a devastating effect on the crop and livelihood, not only in Iceland but the whole of Europe. You’ll stop here to shoot the dark, moss-covered lava field to add some otherworldly photos to your portfolio. Next, you’ll enter the Vatnajökull national park where you’ll find the stunning Skaftafell nature reserve. Here, you’ll stop for an easy hike to Svartifoss waterfall (Black falls) which you can photograph to capture the dramatic contrast between the white water and the surrounding dark hexagonal basalt columns. On the way to this picturesque falls are three other waterfalls which you can also shoot. You’ll end your day at your accommodations on the South Coast.
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Day 3
The Diamond beach provides plenty of opportunities for fantastic photos.

Day 3 - Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon

Today you’ll visit Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon and the nearby Diamond beach. The lagoon is filled with massive icebergs of different shape and size that have broken off a nearby glacier. They float on the azure water before drifting off to sea. A short walk away is a black sand beach where some of the icebergs have washed up on shore. The interplay of light, the dark sands, glistening ice, and reflections in the ice and the water make this a wonderful opportunity for stunning photography. Then you’ll travel to the Stokksnes peninsula to photograph the majestic Vestrahorn mountain which rises 454 metres above a black sand beach. The mountain is highly scenic, both in terms of shape and geologically, offering great opportunities for photography. It consists of several steep peaks, the most notable of which is the Brunnhorn outcrop, as it stretches eastwards all the way towards the sea. Geologically, the mountain is made of unstratified plutonic rock, gabbro, and some granophyre. The strong waves of the Atlantic Ocean add further to the epic scenery and the evening is particularly recommended as an ideal time for photographing as the midnight sun will illuminate the area in the summer. You'll then return to your accommodations in Reykjavík.
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What to bring

After you book, we’ll send you a recommended camera gear and packing list.

Good to know

Please note we don’t provide extra passengers to fill up the 4 passenger quote, the tour is private to your group. If more than 4 passengers, contact us for a quote. If this tour appears as fully booked, don't hesitate to contact us as additional tours can be arranged on your selected date.

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