5 Day Winter Photo Workshop of Norway's Lofoten Islands

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The Lofoten Islands are a photographer's paradise, where rugged fjords meet spectacular snowcapped mountain peaks to create a truly enchanting atmosphere. On this incredible 5 day winter photography tour, we'll explore all of the best sights that this Norwegian archipelago has to offer, unearthing pristine natural treasures by day and chasing the Northern Lights by night.

During winter in Lofoten, quaint fishing villages take on a fairytale charm, swathed in glorious white snow and lit by the ethereal Arctic light. The icy fjords seem worlds away from the familiar, while the beaches look like scenes from another planet. The soft golden glow will be perfect for capturing the endless stream of photographic opportunities that will come your way, while the nights will be made all the more exhilarating by the inevitable hunt for the Aurora.

Over five magical days, you'll travel to the best locations in the Lofoten Islands for photography. Your photo guide will be by your side throughout the tour, sharing their depth of knowledge with you to ensure that you'll take home amazing photos of this winter wonderland, all while you develop your skills in-field. They'll keep an eye on the conditions and make sure that you'll be at all the right places at the right times to take advantage of the light, including when the Aurora Borealis dances across the night sky.

Experience the breathtaking beauty and unique landscapes of the Lofoten Islands on this 5 day photography workshop! Check availability by choosing a date.


Professional photo guide
Transportation in a comfortable vehicle
Accommodation in hotels and guesthouses. Rooms with private bathrooms.
Breakfasts at hotel stays during the tour

Daily itinerary

Day 1
5 Day Winter Photo Workshop of Norway's Lofoten Islands - day 1


Are you ready to begin exploring the Lofoten Islands? You’ll be picked up from your accommodation in Leknes early in the morning to begin your journey around this stunning archipelago. Please note that your hotel in Leknes is not included in the price of the tour and you will need to arrange this yourself.

Your base for the next two days will be at the gorgeous harbour of Hamnøy, where we'll stay in wooden fishing cabins perched high on stilts above the water. These traditional rorbu cabins make for a stunning sight, set against a backdrop of snowcapped mountains. They are an incredibly cosy place to rest after a long day of shooting.

In the afternoon, we'll make our way to the nearby fishing village of Reine to capture the sun setting over the red fishing cabins dotting the foreground at the base of a spectacular mountain range. It's a wonderful location to witness the Northern Lights should they dance above us in the night sky this evening.

Day 2
5 Day Winter Photo Workshop of Norway's Lofoten Islands - day 2


On day two, we'll rise early for a sunrise shoot right on our doorstep, at Hamnøy harbour. Our red rorbu cabins will make for charming subjects with the snowy mountain peak in the background and the waves sweeping in from the fjord.

In the afternoon, we'll spend some time exploring Sakrisøy island, where the yellow fishing cabins look beautiful beneath the golden Arctic light of the sun. There'll be the chance to hike up to a scenic viewpoint, where we'll have a panoramic vista of the entire surrounds.

We'll spend the later part of the afternoon at Flakstad beach before making our way to the small but scenic fishing village of Nusfjord for a wonderful view overlooking the fishing cabins.

Our sunset session today will be at the famous Utakleiv beach, where beautiful rockpools make for a number of stunning compositions. There is so much to explore on this beach and we'll be sure to seek out every little hidden gem. Nearby is the much more sheltered Haukland beach, surrounded by mountains on all sides. Both make for epic foregrounds for the Northern Lights, should they dance for us tonight.

Day 3
5 Day Winter Photo Workshop of Norway's Lofoten Islands - day 3

Reine to Leknes

On the morning of day three, we'll capture the sunrise at one of the viewpoints around Reine, before checking out of our hotel and driving to Leknes. Along the way, we'll pass by many fjords, keeping our eyes peeled for interesting compositions in the ice.

We'll spend the afternoon making the most of the winter light at Unstad beach, where the mighty swells crash hard against the sand. We may even spot a surfer or two in the crests of the waves.

As the golden light takes hold, we'll make our way to Vareid, a marvellous beach with pointy mountains on the horizon. It's the perfect place to capture the last rays of the sun as it sets on the horizon.

Once the sun has set, we'll check in to our hotel at Leknes and have dinner, before heading out for another evening on the hunt for the Northern Lights.

Day 4
5 Day Winter Photo Workshop of Norway's Lofoten Islands - day 4

Skagsanden, Henningsvær

On day four, we'll have breakfast before heading out for the sunrise over Skagsanden Beach. This stretch of sand is famous for the patterns that are created during low tide. They make for wonderful leading lines with which we'll practice our composition techniques.

From there, we'll venture out towards Henningsvær, a picturesque fishing village surrounded by bridges that makes for a number of breathtaking aerial shots. It's just as beautiful on foot, so we'll explore the village as the light bathes the red cabins in a glorious glow, with the snowcapped mountains in the background.

Our sunset shoot will be at one of the Arctic beaches – depending on the conditions, we may return to Utakleiv, Haukland, Vareid or Unstad.

In the evening, we'll head out again in search of the elusive Northern Lights.

Day 5
5 Day Winter Photo Workshop of Norway's Lofoten Islands - day 5


This will be the final day of our photography tour. In the morning, we'll rise early for breakfast and a sunrise session at one of the Arctic beaches, before exploring more of the inner fjords and villages by the coast. Among some of the highlights will be the Fredvang bridges which connect the island of Moskenesøya with the neighbouring island of Flakstadøya, as well as the magnificent views at Stortinden fjord.

We'll end the day with a sunset session near the idyllic fishing village of Ballstad. Once the sun has set, your photo guide will drop you off at your hotel – no doubt with your memory cards full of spectacular images to remember a 5 day winter adventure in the Lofoten Islands.


We highly recommend that you get a travel and medical insurance. Your own domestic medical insurance and private health scheme will not cover you whilst you are overseas. The tour is always dependent on weather, as the weather can indeed be highly unpredictable. When it comes to the Northern Lights, while they are most likely to be seen between September and April, there is no guarantee that they will appear on a given day.

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