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Set sail in autumn for South Greenland aboard the Maria schooner! During this 11-day photography workshop, you'll delve into the spectacular fjords of Greenland, where breathtaking natural wonders abound.

This sailing expedition will take you into the wilderness of Tasermiut fjord and Prince Christian Sound, where glaciers and icebergs reign supreme. There will be the opportunity to make shore landings with Zodiacs, during which we'll hike through the rugged Greenlandic terrain in search of glistening lakes, flowing rivers and beautiful waterfalls.

Autumn in Greenland is a magical time of year when the Northern Lights dance across the night sky. If the skies are clear, then we'll be in the perfect place to witness the mesmerizing patterns of this atmospheric phenomenon from aboard our Arctic-class vessel.

There is no fixed itinerary on this tour – rather, we will hunt for compositions and make the most of the enchanting autumn light as we weave through the fjords, marveling at the staggering granite mountain peaks in the beautiful surroundings. Our expert photography guides will work together with the crew of the Maria to ensure that you'll be taken to the best places for photography, depending on the weather conditions and situation of the sea ice. If we spot wildlife ashore, then we'll jump into our Zodiacs straight away to maneuver into the best positions for photography.

Your safety during this sailing photography workshop is of the utmost priority. We'll have a satellite phone, navigational system and ice maps on-hand throughout the duration of the tour. In addition, you'll be able to charge your batteries 24 hours a day, while our personal chef will prepare delicious meals onboard featuring local meat, fish and fresh vegetables.

Get ready to explore South Greenland with us beneath the Northern Lights in autumn! Check availability by selecting a date.

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Accomodation in a triple share room and transportation by Maria schooner
All meals (except alcohol and snacks)
Instruction and master classes by professional guide
Professional crew of arctic sailors
Zodiac boat services
Port taxes and fees




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Bird watching
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Daily itinerary

Day 1
South Greenland Photography Tour - day 1

Day 1 - Day 1: Arrival

This sailing photography workshop begins at Narsarsuaq in Greenland. We recommend that you fly from Copenhagen in Denmark to Narsarsuaq with Air Greenland. There will be two transfers at Kangerlussuaq and Nuuk, before your arrival in Narsarsuaq. For those flying from the USA, it is best to take an Air Iceland Connect flight from Reykjavík in Iceland. There is the opportunity to combine a trip to Iceland with this South Greenland photography tour. Note: Please check the departure time of your flight one day prior to flying, as schedules may change with short notice due to the weather conditions in Greenland. Once you arrive in Narsarsuaq, you will make your way to your local hotel accommodation. There will be some time to rest and freshen up, before meeting with the rest of the group in the evening for a welcome dinner, during which your photography guides will go over the itinerary for the days ahead.
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Day 2
South Greenland Photography Tour - day 2

Day 2 - Day 2: Stordalens Havn

On day two, we'll check out of our hotel and embark upon our journey aboard the schooner 'Maria'. We'll then set sail for Stordalens Havn. In the evening, there is the option of a landing onshore with our Zodiacs, with the purpose of hiking up to one of the mountain ridges at Stordalens or Kangerdluk fjords. If the group is keen, then we may even bring a tent along on our hike, so that we may take shelter at one of the small lakes near the peaks and wait for the sunrise. If the conditions are favourable, then we may even witness the Northern Lights, dancing across the night sky.
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Day 3
South Greenland Photography Tour - day 3

Day 3 - Day 3: Prince Christian Sound

Over the next days, we'll sail through the breathtaking fjords of Prince Christian Sound. Amongst our subjects for photography will be glaciers, icebergs and a variety of wildlife. During the days, our guides will take you ashore for radial hikes, in pursuit of viewpoints that will offer awe-inspiring panoramic views of the surrounding fjords, where large icebergs drift away from the Greenland shield. There will be plenty of opportunities to explore the rugged landscapes of Prince Christian Sound, hunting for colourful wildflowers amidst the earthen hues of the autumn foliage.
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Day 4
South Greenland Photography Tour - day 4

Day 4 - Day 4: Prince Christian Sound

On day four, we will travel by land to the port village of Aappilattoq. Meaning 'red' in Greenlandic, this village has been named after the steep red mountain that rises dramatically into the sky above the settlement.
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Day 5
South Greenland Photography Tour - day 5

Day 5 - Day 5: Tasermiut Fjord

On day five, we'll sail west towards the impregnable landscapes of Tasermiut Fjord. Along the way, we'll be surrounded by jagged mountain peaks, reminiscent of the nature that is to be found on the opposite hemisphere in Patagonia. There will be incredible opportunities to photograph thousand year old glaciers as we sail near the icy fronts.
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Day 6
South Greenland Photography Tour - day 6

Day 6 - Day 6: Tasermiut Fjord

On day six, we'll continue our journey exploring the beautiful landscapes of Tasermiut Fjord, sailing towards the famous "Big Walls" of the fjord. These granite rock faces include the 1830m tall mountain Ulamertorsuaq, 2050m tall mountain Nalumasortoq, as well as the massive 2010m high peak of Ketil.
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Day 7
South Greenland Photography Tour - day 7

Day 7 - Days 7-9: Tasermiut Fjord

Over days 7, 8 and 9, we'll continue exploring Tasermiut Fjord, travelling on land in search of colourful autumn foregrounds that will make for stunning compositions with the mountain peaks rising high towards the clouds. We will even visit colourful villages and capture the remnants of old Viking settlements. In the evenings, if the conditions are favourable, we will hunt for the Northern Lights across the starry night sky. By day 9, we will reach the end of the Tasermiut Fjord, where we will witness the extraordinary beauty of the Greenland ice field. The mountainous landscape hides natural wonders, including rivers, glistening lakes and gorgeous waterfalls. We'll make Zodiac landings to take advantage of the autumn light at sunrise, sunset and during the night.
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Day 10
South Greenland Photography Tour - day 10

Day 10 - Day 10: Qaqortoq

On day ten, we will leave the Tasermiut fjord, setting sail for the settlements of Nanortalik and Qaqortoq. These beautiful towns feature wonderful colonial architecture. A number of hiking trails lead through the rugged terrain, providing opportunities to capture the spectacular mountains surrounding the fjords. Along the way, we may make a stop at an island named Uunartoq, which is famed for its hot springs. There will be the option of taking a dip in the steaming water. It's an enchanting experience, particularly with the Northern Lights overhead! We'll spend the night anchored near Uunartoq island, aboard the Maria.
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Day 11
South Greenland Photography Tour - day 11

Day 11 - Day 11: Departure

This will be the final day of our photography expedition in South Greenland. We'll sail back to Narsarsuaq, where you'll be able to take a flight home or onwards to your next destination – no doubt with memory cards full of spectacular photos of the time that you spent in South Greenland.
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About the Schooner Maria

The Schooner Maria is a modern, masted motor-driven sailing ship that was designed by O. van Meer Design and built by Laan & Kooy, Den Oever in Holland.

The hull of the ship was originally constructed in 1963 and used as a fishing vessel, before being modified and equipped to meet the standards of a charter sailing vessel in 1993.

It has carried out numerous expeditions to both the Arctic and the Antarctic, sailing in the beautiful regions of Svalbard, Franz Josef Land, Iceland, Greenland, Chile and Antarctica.

Modern Sailing Vessel

The Maria is an outstanding vessel that has been built to withstand the Arctic waters.

Communal Areas

There is ample room for us to sit down for photography masterclasses and post-processing sessions.


The Maria is completely equipped to meet stringent safety requirements for sailing in the present day, carrying a certified and experienced crew onboard.


There are twin (7 available) and triple-share (3 available) passenger cabins on the vessel, all equipped with a private sink.


Five toilets and showers are located within the corridor.

Onboard Generator

A 230V electrical system powered by generators supplies electricity to passengers even when the vessel is at sea.

Departure Schedule

19 - 29 September 2022: Guided by Daniel Kordan


We highly recommend that you get a travel and medical insurance. Your own domestic medical insurance and private health scheme will not cover you whilst you are overseas.

The tour is always dependent on weather, as the weather can indeed be highly unpredictable. When it comes to the Northern Lights, while they are most likely to be seen between September and April, there is no guarantee that they will appear on a given day. Likewise, wildlife sightings are dependent upon the movements of animals.


Daniel Kordan

Daniel Kordan

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Renowned landscape photographer, Daniel Kordan, is an explorer at heart. Having realized his passion for photography and traveling at a young age, he now spends his time sharing his vision and the many wonders of the world with people all around him.

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