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Join the adventure of a lifetime as we sail the seas of Greenland beneath the Midnight Sun in summer. This 7-day sailing photo tour on the west coast of Greenland will have you immersed in the pristine Arctic nature as you explore small Inuit settlements along the coast, come face-to-face with extraordinary wildlife and marvel at the majestic icebergs that float serenely in the waters of Disko Bay.

For the duration of the tour, we will sail aboard our privately-chartered schooner, 'Maria', around the village of Ilulissat – the capital of Disko Bay. It is the perfect place to be situated, being located right next to the spectacular icefjord. We will moor at Ilulissat village several times during our stay to explore museums, sample the local cuisine and delve into nature on a number of fascinating hikes. Other Greenlandic settlements that we will visit during our journey include Qasigiannguit, Aasiaat and Oqaatsut, spread along the coast.

The enchanting surroundings of Disko Bay make it a natural habitat for an abundance of living creatures. There will be amazing opportunities for wildlife photography as we keep our eyes open for Arctic foxes, musk oxen and humpback whales. Disko Bay is also an important breeding site for marine birds such as fulmars and terns, and is home to the last remaining thick-billed murre colony in the area.

The majority of our sailing will be conducted late in the evenings and throughout the night, when we will cruise beneath the ethereal light of the Midnight Sun. At this time of year, the sun never really sets, casting the sky in dramatic hues of pink, icy blue, purple, blazing red and orange as it barely skims across the horizon. We will sail amongst the fascinating icebergs of the icefjord that have calved from the nearby Sermeq Kujalleq glacier, capturing their many different shapes and sizes. 

The captain of the Maria is very experienced and will work closely with us to scout for the best locations in Disko Bay from which we can capture the many incredible sights. Due to the unpredictable weather conditions in this area, our itinerary will be flexible and our guides will aim to have you in all the right spots to take advantage of the fantastic light.

Unleash your creativity and join us on this spectacular 7 day sailing photography tour of Greenland! An Arctic adventure beneath the Midnight Sun awaits. There are only 18 spots available so get in quick to secure your place before they all sell out.

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Accommodation on the schooner (triple share)
Meals on board (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Private boat charter with a crew
Port taxes and fees, fuel
Services of professional crew (captain + 5-7 sailors)
Services of cook on board




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Daily itinerary

Day 1
West Greenland Photo Workshop in Disko Bay | Sailing on Schooner - day 1

Day 1 - Arrival

You'll arrive to the coastal town of Ilulissat in western Greenland on your chosen flight. We recommend that you take a flight that reaches Ilulissat at around 13:00. Please check Air Greenland or Air Iceland for available flights. You will then meet our group on the schooner Maria as it is docked in the port. In the evening, we'll come together for a welcome dinner, during which you'll get to know your fellow travellers a bit more. Your guides will explain the itinerary for the days ahead, as well as safety procedures during your time onboard. After dinner, we'll set sail for our first evening shoot in the icefjord. During the magical midnight hour, we'll spend our time capturing the beauty of the icebergs in the serene Arctic light.
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Day 2
West Greenland Photo Workshop in Disko Bay | Sailing on Schooner - day 2

Day 2 - Qasigiannguit, Ilimanaq, Aassiat

On day two, we'll have a late rise, having stayed up all night for photography. After breakfast, there will be some time to rest before our guides take you for your first post-processing masterclass. The light during the day is harsh so we will spend the afternoon working on our photos amidst photography theory sessions, before we have dinner and once again sail into the icefjord. This evening, we'll visit the fascinating Inuit settlements of Qasigiannguit and/or Ilimanaq along the way. Their colourful villages make for wonderful imagery, as does the surrounding vegetation. If time allows, then we may also make a trip to Aassiat, which is an incredible place to spot whales breaching in the surf. On the way back from the villages to Ilulissat, we will hunt for icebergs floating in the open waters of the icefjord. Keep your eyes peeled for extraordinary shapes – some icebergs can resemble castles, mountains, towers and even take on the form of spectacular arches. They'll make for stunning subjects against the light of the Midnight Sun, with smooth reflections upon the deep, glassy water.
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Day 3
West Greenland Photo Workshop in Disko Bay | Sailing on Schooner - day 3

Day 3 - Oqaatsut, Uummannaq

We'll have another late morning on day three, with a lazy breakfast followed by a chance to rest. After lunch, we'll sail towards Oqaatsut, a welcoming village in the north. Formerly known as Rodebay, this settlement is home to just 45 inhabitants! We'll get to know the friendly locals as we explore the village during the afternoon. Later in the evening, we'll sail on towards Uummannaq, one of the most beautiful locations in Greenland. Situated on the shore of Disko Island, between a sea of giant icebergs, this tiny island makes for some stunning photographic opportunities with its volcanic black sand, wildflowers in bloom along the shoreline and awe-inspiring ocean views.
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Day 4
West Greenland Photo Workshop in Disko Bay | Sailing on Schooner - day 4

Day 4 - Uummannaq

We'll continue our Midnight Sun adventures on day four, beginning our sailing session at around 23:00! This time, we'll sail further towards the north, back towards the heart-shaped island of Uummannaq. Though we'll spend some time at sea photographing the enormous icebergs adrift in the water, we'll also dock for the chance to explore the settlement. Our aim will be to head towards the lake at the centre of the island, in search of wildlife and landscape compositions to make the most of the sunset light.
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Day 5
West Greenland Photo Workshop in Disko Bay | Sailing on Schooner - day 5

Day 5 - Disko Bay

On day five, we'll begin sailing back towards the icefjord of Disko Bay. Along the way, we'll settle in for a few more post-processing masterclasses and educational sessions. Depending upon the conditions, there may be the chance for us to reach Disko Island to capture its spectacular landscapes from the shore. In the evening, we'll make the most of the surreal scenery that surrounds us as we hunt for magical icebergs, cruising between the icy formations in the open water.
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Day 6
West Greenland Photo Workshop in Disko Bay | Sailing on Schooner - day 6

Day 6 - Disko Island

On day six, we'll return to Disko Island and explore it by foot, for the chance to photograph the wildlife and vast, natural landscapes. In the evening, we'll have our final shooting session, during which we'll concentrate on capturing the icebergs adrift within the icefjord. In the wee hours of the morning, once the blazing colours of sunrise have subsided, we'll begin sailing back towards Ilulissat harbour.
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Day 7
West Greenland Photo Workshop in Disko Bay | Sailing on Schooner - day 7

Day 7 - Departure

This will be the end of our adventure. In the morning, we'll meet together for breakfast and bid each other a fond farewell – no doubt with photos and memories to last a lifetime.
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About the Schooner Maria

The Schooner Maria is a modern, masted motor-driven sailing ship that was designed by O. van Meer Design and built by Laan & Kooy, Den Oever in Holland.

The hull of the ship was originally constructed in 1963 and used as a fishing vessel, before being modified and equipped to meet the standards of a charter sailing vessel in 1993.

It has carried out numerous expeditions to both the Arctic and the Antarctic, sailing in the beautiful regions of Svalbard, Franz Josef Land, Iceland, Greenland, Chile and Antarctica.

Modern Sailing Vessel

The Maria is an outstanding vessel that has been built to withstand the Arctic waters.

Communal Areas

There is ample room for us to sit down for photography masterclasses and post-processing sessions.


The Maria is completely equipped to meet stringent safety requirements for sailing in the present day, carrying a certified and experienced crew onboard.


There are twin (7 available) and triple-share (3 available) passenger cabins on the vessel, all equipped with a private sink.


Five toilets and showers are located within the corridor.

Onboard Generator

A 230V electrical system powered by generators supplies electricity to passengers even when the vessel is at sea.


We highly recommend that you get a travel and medical insurance. Your own domestic medical insurance and private health scheme will not cover you whilst you are overseas.

The tour is always dependent on weather, as the weather can be highly unpredictable. Likewise, wildlife sightings are dependent upon the movements of animals and cannot be guaranteed.

Departure Schedule

This tour is now Sold Out. New dates will be announced in our Newsletter.

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