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In the Andean landscape are drawn clouds of steam to flush with water of a lagoon. At the foot of a hill, a natural pool called "Chalviri" is. The cold temperature of its contents contrasts with thermal waters emanating from the volcano Polques creating a view worthy of admiring. It is so referred to this tourist destination as the "baths of Polques", located to the West of the village of Chalviri, to the East of our country.

The area of the cordillera of the Andes in Bolivia presents interesting geological manifestations, including volcanic activity. As a result of the latter there are the hot springs of Polques, where – at approximately seven o'clock in the morning- You can take a bath in which the temperature of 29 degrees (centigrade) and the high content of minerals in the water can relieve the symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism.

Several tour companies offer packages for the reserve Eduardo Abaroa and other tours that include a visit to these hot springs. In the vicinity there is a restaurant and health services, Yet some travelers carry food and recommended to bring warm clothing as the weather is cold.