Armand Sarlangue

Photo Guide

Armand Sarlangue is a full-time photographer for the past 16 years. Son of a pro photographer, visual arts have always been a passion since childhood and he always had a camera in hands since young age. He started working as a reportage and studio photographer in 2005. In 2018, he finally decided to focus on what he loves the most, nature photography. He’s now photography educator and workshop leader, as well as NFT artist. Being in the most remote places and capturing the artistic expression of the natural world is what motivates him, and he believes that photography can be one of the best ways to raise awareness on nature conservation, by helping others to connect with the secret beauty of nature. Photography is also a way for him to tell his own inner stories about our world, using nature’s shapes and colors as words. His images have been awarded tens of times, and exhibited internationally by institutions like the California Academy of Sciences, Exposure Photography Festival, Sienna Photography Festival, and others. He recently won the grand prize of the biggest international Aerial photography awards, The Siena Drone Awards, with his signature image « Big Bang ». His work can be seen in several photo books, and have been featured by medias such as Natgeo, Geo Magazine, M6 TV, France TV, The Guardian, Paris Match, Vanity Fair, Australian Photography Magazine, BBC News, and many others.

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