Andy Marty

Photo Guide

Andy is a passionate and talented travel photographer who has been capturing stunning images from around the world for over a decade. With a keen eye for detail and a love for adventure, Andy has traveled to some of the most remote and exotic destinations on the planet, always seeking out new and exciting subjects to photograph. Born and raised in Australia, Andy is now based in Dubai, where he has become renowned for capturing cityscape images, including the elusive Dubai fog. Fusing his loves of photography and travel, Dubai has provided an ideal base from which to explore the world. Passionate about capturing the culture, people and landscape of a destination, Andy has worked on creating images that take the viewer with him on his journeys. Over the years, Andy has worked with several large brands on travel campaigns - including flydubai, One&Only, Fairmont Group, Audi and Visit Dubai. His images are known for their vivid colour, striking compositions, and unique perspectives. Whether he's capturing the bustling energy of New York streets, the culture of remote tribes or the quiet stillness of a mountain landscape, Andy's work is always inspired by the beauty of the world around him. When he's not traveling, Andy is a sought-after speaker and teacher, sharing his experience with others and inspiring the next generation of photographers. With a deep passion for helping everyone to improve and truly enjoy their photography, Andy loves nothing more than seeing people travel with their cameras and take amazing images.

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