Thomas Vikre

Thomas Vikre is a Danish / Norwegian award-winning photographer based in the Faroe Islands, his work consists primarily of landscape, travel & fine art photography, but he also does a substantial amount of commercial work for local companies. Thomas also guides for private clients, groups and photo tour companies visiting the Faroe Islands and has rapidly become a reference in the isles.

Earlier in his professional career, he was involved in the airline & tourism industry. On a part time basis, he also worked as a production assistant on film sets and with TV commercials.

In 2013 he decided to relocate to the Faroe Islands, a place he had visited on numerous occasions before. His work has been licensed to local tourism entities, guide books, to multiple business partners & to private customers. He has also had exhibits at different venues in the Faroe Islands these past years, including a permanent exhibit at Hotel Vagar in the Faroe Islands.

Thomas is fluent in the scandinavian languages as well as Spanish, English and Portuguese.

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