Julien Grondin

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Julien Grondin, known as « Beboy » on social media is a French landscape photographer.

He was born and grew up in Reunion island. He is 37 year old and has a serious background in graphics and design industry making understanding color management, compositions, and editing photo is an easy task for him.

Julien traveled full-time during 5 years to fully live his passion for landscape photography, exploring Asia, Europe, and the US as well. Now based in France, Julien is particularly well known for his lavender photos. Indeed, every year, for 5 years now, he keeps exploring every corner of Provence to find the best locations and aesthetic spots.

Ask him anything about how, where and when to get the perfect lavender shot, Julien will have the answer. In addition to his skills in photography, food is also a huge part of his field of competence and, talking about that, Provence has a lot to offer!