Perri Schelat




Professional freelance photographer Perri Schelat is an award-winning landscape and nature photographer with a passion for the natural world.

Perri resides in Washington State; she is an adventurer and nature enthusiast who invests in experiences and lives life to its fullest. Perri is an educator, writer and speaker, sharing her work and knowledge of photography and inspiring like-minded photographers.

Perri’s work has been published in popular magazines and books, as well as, being used for advertising, exhibits and has received numerous awards. Perri’s background and pursuit of her craft, includes a decade photographing in the field around the US, Canada and Iceland. Perri spent several years studying photography at University and graduated from the professional studies program at Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Montana.

Perri’s current projects include, but are not limited to, teaching, co-leading photo tours and exhibiting her work. Artist Statement "My passion for photography and the images I create are the expressions of my love of nature, adventure and my own personal development as a human and a professional photographer. My passion for photography began with a love of the outdoors. Being surrounded by nature always feels intensely calming and meaningful.

I could say my reaction to being in nature centers me and helps me understand what is important in life. If my imagery is successful in evoking an emotional response, transports the viewer and inspires a viewer, I’ve done my job”.