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Tous nos voyageurs reçoivent une sélection de tutoriels vidéos gratuits pour retoucher leur photos réalisés par nos photographes de renommée, d'une valeur de 1500$.
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Lors des voyages, vous évoluez à bord de nos camions 4x4 qui vous transportent en toute sécurité et vous permettent d'accéder à des sites hors sentiers battus. Chaque passager a deux sièges : un siège pour lui et un pour son matériel de photographie.
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Iceland Photo Tours fournit des crampons et des chaussures de randonnée montantes à tous les voyageurs durant leur sortie.

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Edwin Martinez is spreading his wings and taking his unique photographic talents to the world’s iconic landmarks. After years perfecting his craft in his homeland, he begins his journey of creating icons out of icons – his travels take him to the world’s landscape photography meccas and it is in these places that he creates new masterpieces. At the heart of this is the artist’s inherent desire to test himself by photographing beyond the comfort of home and the usual. Edwin is drawn to the challenge of shooting landscapes in different topographies, seasons and weather conditions – landscapes in a different light. His vast experience in photographing Iceland, Canada, The American West, among others - have cemented for Edwin an undisputed distinction of expertise in the field of photography. He is a Canon Philippines Brand Ambassador, a pro gallery photographer for Singh-Ray Filters of America, a National Geographic adventurer contributor and constant presence in both local and international photography publications. Furthermore, he is also major partner in Iceland’s number one photography tour and workshop, https://www.iceland-photo-tours.com. Edwin likewise leads photography tours to the most challenging and stunning locations around the world. Edwin is a sought after speaker and instructor and also shoots for several high profile companies. He is an inspiration for this generation's band of photographers and many wait for photos from his next adventures. Edwin is based in Manilla, the capital of the Philippines.  Lire plus
Albert is a Dutch photographer with an extreme passion for landscape photography. He aims to capture places and certain moments in the best way possible by using his own vision and unique style. His style consists of strong vibrant, sometimes fairytale like images in which he expresses himself. Albert has a background in Design, Video and Animation. He has worked for himself his whole life and has as a Master Degree in Multimedia & Entertainment Technology. Albert loves to travel. Next to photo tours and workshops he likes to explore the world on his own or with friends. He has a passion for visiting the most beautiful spots in the world, whether known or unknown. Challenging himself is what keeps him motivated. Albert loves planning his shots carefully. He does this with great detail to make sure his efforts have the highest chances of success. He sometimes plans days, weeks, months or even years to get that particular shot he wants. Challenging himself combined with planning and writing a story of the whole process is Albert’s specialty. He is always looking for new challenges and adventures. He is able to find beauty anywhere in the world: from misty mornings in the forests minutes away from his home to rooftops of the highest buildings in Dubai to remote locations in Iceland or the US. Next to taking photos, Albert also likes to teach and write about photography. He occasionally writes for the most well known Photography magazines both on - and offline. Along that he has worked with many brands in the photography industry and is an official Sony Ambassador of Imaging. His work has been featured in some of the biggest news outlets & magazines worldwide, like TIME, National Geographic and Adobe. Lire plus

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