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Fashion and Editorial photography both have one thing in common. The images captured are not necessarily to be taken literally, but instead should represent something greater: the complexity of a story, a mood, an emotion.

An important part of this process, of portraying more than meets the eye, is the lighting. And there’s perhaps no better place in the world to capture and exploit the sun’s different moods than in Iceland. 

The magical glow of the northern lights, the radiant shimmer of the midnight sun and everything in between offer countless photographic opportunities for you to create the perfect shoot. Check out our fashion and editorial services below in more detail.


Don’t be fooled by the name. Fashion photography is as much about attitude and lifestyle as it is about the actual garments on display. Professional fashion photography relies on complex images, dramatic poses and lighting to convey a certain image.

This means that the emphasis for the photographer is on creating the perfect atmosphere Our team of dedicated photographers have years of experience shooting in Iceland. Together we can plan your dream fashion photography trip to the finest, most exclusive locations, and guide you through the artistic process to ensure you convey the image you’re looking for.

We’ll also handle the location scouting, the shoot itself and post production. 


Editorial photography is similar in many ways to fashion photography. There’s no single product being depicted; it’s all about a grander vision, a story or a running theme.

As it’s the outer details that are so crucial, why not let Iceland provide a stunning backdrop for your editorial shoot? Desolate volcanic landscapes radiate a cold tranquility; the glacier lagoon at Jokulsarlon offers contrasting textures of ice, water and sky; there’s more spectacular waterfalls than you could ever imagine. 

And that’s just scratching the surface.

Just like with fashion photography, the lighting for your shoot is of huge importance. Light affects the mood of a shoot, and the emotion that carries through to your end result. In this sense, the varied seasons in Iceland offer photogenic extremes, from the white blanket of winter and the dazzling northern lights, to the endless illumination of the midnight sun in the summer.

Get in touch with the team today to discuss your editorial photography needs. As well as having excellent local knowledge in terms of locations, we also have the contacts to get you great deals on transport, accommodation and equipment hire.


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