Felix Inden

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Felix Inden is a professional photographer based in Cologne, Germany.His focus lays on the wild and majestic landscapes of northern scandinavia.His approach to photography is emotionally driven, as he combines the passion for the wilderness, beeing outside and feeling nature with everything it brings, portraying these in a personal way.He wants to capture a places feeling, mood and aura and let it speak for itself.

Lately, his work has been recognized in international awards and it´s published in different magazines and newspapers.

He has always been a night owl, so it is no surprise, that the night is one of his favourite times for photography, specially when the elusive Aurora borealis lights up the starry night sky.

Iceland and northern Norway (specially Lofoten islands) have had a huge influence in his photographic journey, these places offer such a vast variety of photographic options and he will never get tired of searching for a unique view or lightmood.

Been born in Spain and raised in Chile he speaks fluent german, spanish and english as well as a little portuguese and french.