English, Icelandic, French

Alban grew up on the shores of southwest France, and could easily have spent a lifetime enjoying the waves were it not for his passion for photography. After leaving the French coast behind he began to focus on landscapes, and now feels a deep connection and sense of freedom when out in the wild capturing nature’s finest sights.

With that in mind it’s no surprise that he is currently based in Iceland. Although self-taught, Alban is highly skilled with post-processing techniques and covers many of his secrets in his personal classes. Despite this, he is insistent that his photography talents come instead from an ability to convey a vision, and the passion and energy he has for capturing the natural world.
He firmly believes that anyone able to harness that same passion can take their photography to new levels, and now leads tours and excursions to help passionate photographers do exactly that.
From his base in Iceland he invites you to discover his interpretation of this photographer’s paradise. The most beautiful volcanic landscapes in the Arctic await.