English, Icelandic

There’s no doubt that immersing oneself in nature with a camera can reinvigorate the soul.

For Kaspars, this has become a lifetime passion that he pursues all across the rugged and pristine landscapes of Iceland. For this intrepid explorer, there is nothing more exciting than to get off the beaten track, traversing the last remnants of wilderness left to be discovered in this world.

His enduring belief is that there are still many grand scenes in Iceland that are yet to be photographed; his sense for adventure is a testament to the energy that he puts into finding them. With an intimate knowledge of the Icelandic landscape and having guided countless photography workshops, Kaspars is well-versed in working with the unique and oftentimes dramatic conditions that this country has to offer.

You can rest assured that he will bring you to the most epic locations in Iceland where you’ll be able to capture the immense beauty that epitomises the Arctic. Well-accomplished in both Lightroom and Photoshop, Kaspars has an extensive understanding of complex post-processing techniques that will assist you to no bounds with unleashing your creativity and finding your own style.

His mellow outlook and easygoing, relaxed nature will have you feeling at home with your camera and your tripod in Iceland in no time.