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Informationen über Gýgjarforss

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There are not many waterfalls in the Icelandic highland that have become popular or major attractions.  One of the reasons is the relatively short time that the Highland in Iceland is open, only from the middle of June until late September. That doesn't mean that Iceland lacks spectacular waterfalls in the Highland.  Waterfalls like Fagrifoss, Ófærufoss, and Sigöldufoss are good examples.  One of the beautiful waterfalls in the Highland is Gýgjarfoss located near the Highland Road Kjalvegur or Kjölur Nr. 35, just by the road Nr. F347 leading to Kerlingarfjöll and Hveradalir. The waterfall is in the river Jökulfall which has its source in the glacier Hofsjökull, and the mountain ridge Kerlingafjöll along with many small spring-fed rivers.  Eventually, the river joins the mighty river Hvítá that provides the stream for our most spectacular waterfall Gullfoss.

Gýgjarfoss has spectacular surroundings

Although the waterfall is only about 5 meters high and around 20 meters high, it is fed by a powerful source which has an impressive volume. The flood can vary depending on the season with more volume during spring and early summer. Sometimes on a warm day the flood is much more in the afternoon than in the morning. The surrounding area around Gýgjarfoss is quite impressive with the mountains in the background and the fascinating gorge downstream. It is a wonderful place for photographers.