Internationale Workshops

Internationale Workshops

Entdecke mit dieser umfassenden Auswahl an internationalen Workshops, die von preisgekrönten, lokalen Fotoguides geleitet werden, einige der besten Fotolocations weltweit.

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Internationale Workshops

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Where do your international photo tours go?

Our international photography tours visit a number of destinations abroad that are perfect for landscape, nature, wildlife and cultural photography. Our expert photography guides have scouted the world for the best places in which you can combine your love for photography and travel.

Do I need to be an expert photographer to join one of your tours?

No, we welcome all levels of photographers on our tours and normally our groups are mixed with people of all skill levels. Our photography guides aim to share as much of their knowledge of photography with you as possible, to ensure that you'll develop your skills and expand your portfolio during each and every tour. Check out our database of free articles about photography to round out your learning experience.

Which international photo tour is best for me?

That depends on what you want to see and photograph. If you need some inspiration, here are 15 places in the world that every landscape photographer has to visit.

Do you use local photography tour guides?

Our team is made up of award-winning local and international photography guides. Our guides are all highly qualified, speak excellent English and boast intimate knowledge of the locations in which they guide. Where possible, we use location-based guides and work hard to ensure that all of our partners are the best in the business.

Can you help me arrange my travel visas?

The requirements for international travel visas around the world vary widely, depending on your nationality. While we can’t help you to procure your visa, we can give you a letter of confirmation from our company as well as confirmations from the hotels that we use during the tour, in order to assist your application. If you do require a visa, then you may either arrange it yourself by contacting your nearest Embassy or by using the services of a visa processing company. Please ensure that you complete and return your visa application in a timely manner so that you will have your documentation in time to travel. It’s best to get your visa sorted in advance because the processing time can be quite long.