Kerry is an award winning scenic and environmental photographer with a passion for the Arctic and the environment.

His artwork can be seen in numerous commercial installs, public galleries, international publications and private art collections. His unique vision for the outdoors and the environment can now be seen through the Arctic Arts Project, a collection of photographic images representing change in the arctic.

The project has evoked a passionate global response from educators, scientists, artists and photographers alike. Kerry is based out of Denver, in the United States, and has spent much of his life shooting in the Rocky Mountains. Currently, he spends a great deal of time photographing the incredible Arctic landscapes of Iceland, Greenland, Alaska and Canada. "I love that photography is light. It is exhilarating to engage a scene and watch as the light evolves throughout the day and sometimes into the night. For me, each photograph is a journey in perception, an exploration in seeing the world that surrounds us. I am driven by the story within each scene”.