Jórunn is a landscape photographer based in Reykjavik Iceland where she was also born.

She has great passion for photography and travelling. Jórunn knows Iceland and Icelandic unpredictable weather by heart and Icelandic nature is a big inspiration for her both in terms of photography as well for hiking and outdoor activity.

The light and the unique landscape in Iceland are phenomenal and gives one endless opportunities and ideas she confirms. She loves to share her experience with others and help travelers to plan their visit to Iceland. Jórunn has experience doing photo tours with smaller group of people and got passionate about photography in 2011 but she grew up with a camera in her hand following her father who was constantly taking pictures when travelling.

Jórunn has won several first price photo contests and her photos have been published in National Geographic, The Plus One Collection photography books, The Telegraph, The Huffington Post and more newspapers.