Serena Dzenis




Home is where the heart is. Hailing from the quiet, leafy surrounds of south-east Australia, Serena is an award-winning photographer, author and journalist who currently leads a nomadic lifestyle whereby her camera rules the roost.

This worldly traveler is the host of one-to-one and group photography workshops both in Australia and abroad, which have an emphasis on storytelling within the landscape – connecting with the land and immersing oneself in the rhythms and dangers associated with the living presence of this world. Well-known for her uniquely romantic photographic style and love for the winter season, Serena is not afraid of harsh conditions and in making the most of what this planet has to offer. Her open and friendly nature has seen her embracing challenges each and every day, teaching others to make their own future and to turn their dreams into reality. Join this avid dreamer as she takes her adventure around the world, inspiring others to document the complexity of nature from the ground up.

“My story is about standing on the land's edge with no one else around, windblown with the sweet relief of a life and a place in this vast expanse."