The waterfalls of Iceland are truly unique in this world, and dare I say that there is nothing more romantic on a warm summer-day than to hike up to a waterfall with a blanket and a lunch box with your lover, lie in the soft grass and listen to the water hammering away at the rocks.

The Blue One

It´s a funny feeling visiting Hraunfossar (or ´lava waterfalls´) which are located in Hvítá, close to Barnafossar (children´s waterfalls). Faces in the rocks and voices in the water. This place has a vibe. Hraunfossar, also known as Girðingar or ´fences´, is located close to Borgarnes on road no. 518. It´s about a 90 minutes drive from Reykjavík. Hraunfossar is not the typical waterfall for it is a series of springs coming out of Hallmundarhraun lava flow. Hraunfossar is extremely picturesque and stands out for its color, which is extremely blue and clear.

The Beautiful One

Svartifoss is the most beautiful waterfall you will find in Iceland. Its name means ‘the black waterfall’. The name comes from its famous black basalt columns that are exceptionally unique in the Icelandic landscape and has inspired many artists such as the State Architect of Iceland, Guðjón Samúelsson, who used the idea of the black columns in the design of for example Hallgrímskirkja and the National Theater, Þjóðleikhúsið. When I saw Svartifoss for the first time it was during a winter. Speechless. Out of this world beautiful. Pitch black basalt columns, sharp as knives contrasting the white fizzing water pounding onto the ice beneath.


Svartifoss is located in Skaftafell which is a part of the newly established Vatnajökull National Park, southeast Iceland. There are short and easy trails that lead to the waterfall Svartifoss from the camping grounds, and the walk should take around 1 hour.

The Phallic One

Seljalandsfoss is special and different from other waterfalls in Iceland for the fact that it´s one of only a few waterfalls in Iceland that you can walk behind. Be careful though, because that can be a tricky little adventure to pull off. The trails behind can be slippery, and if it´s windy you can get soaked by the ice cold water. So be sure to dress appropriately and do not be afraid of getting wet. But then again, who doesn´t enjoy a little bit of a challenge? So remember to bring your hiking boots with you! It is safe to say that Seljalandsfoss is simultaneously aggressively beautiful and somehow phallic. Beholding it in all its magnificence and valor inspires an excitement that I can only compare to the feeling you get in your stomach moments before you go home with a tall, dark stranger. It is truly a sight to behold.



The Famous One

Gullfoss is probably the most known waterfall in Iceland and a popular tourist attraction. Today Gullfoss is protected by preservation laws, but during the first half of the 20th century, some shady personas without much care for the natural beauty of their country, wanted to use Gullfoss to generate electricity. However, a brave young woman threatened to throw herself into Gullfoss‘ watery embrace, were those plans ever carried out. They were not. Thankfully. Today it is quite amazing seeing 140 m³ of water per second spilling from the cliffs on a sunny day while a cacophony of screaming birds fly over your head. To reach Gullfoss check out this Golden Circle tours.


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