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Volcano Explorer

Iceland is known as the land of ice and fire for good reason. There are well over 100 volcanoes here, and plenty of them are active. This helicopter tour takes you to some of the most scenic and infamous volcanic hotspots Iceland has to offer, and includes a trip to Eyjafjallajokull.

To start with we will fly along Iceland’s stunning south coast and visit Þorvaldseyri, a charming farm sat precariously at the base of Eyjafjallajökull. There we’ll explore the visitor centre, and learn about the experiences of the locals when the might volcano was erupting within sight back in 2010.

ISK 139,000

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After, we’ll fly up to the glacier to explore Eyjafjallajökull and what remains of the aftermath. The eruptions in 2010 made international headlines after the ash clouds produced grounded air traffic across much of Europe. Next, we will fly to Þórsmörk, a lush, mountainous region on the other side of Eyjafjallajökull named after Thor, the Norse god. Our return journey will see us pass by and photograph Hekla, one of Iceland’s most active volcanoes. It erupts on average once every decade, and the barren lava fields surrounding it are evidence of its mighty potential.

Total price :: 139,000 ISK per person
(Includes pickup from your hotel in the capital)
Maximum Number of Participants:: 5
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