By Albert Dros
Iceland is booming. More than 2 million tourists visit Iceland every year. This comes as no surprise. As I am regularly guiding tours in Iceland I have visited the country quite some times over the years and the beauty of the country is simply out of this world. The moment you step out of Reykjavic is the moment you enter some a fantasy movie with beautiful scenery on ever corner. For the people that have not visited Iceland yet, here are a bunch of images that just might convince you :)

Iceland has an insane coastline with high cliffs all

Among those rough cliffs lies a great contrast: one of the cutest birds you will ever see in this world: the puffins!

But Iceland also has a lot of sheep and horses that you can find next to almost every road.

Inland you can find big and small waterfalls each with its own unique characteristics

Iceland is known for its geothermal activity areas. They look like something from another planet.

You will find amazing rock formations on every corner. It doesn’t matter in which season you go as the landscape always looks beautiful.

Iceland’s most iconic mountain is shaped like an arrowhead. It’s called Kirkjufell (church mountain).

Although it looks different from every angle.

In the centre of the country are the so called ‘Highlands’. The weather is always changing here. It is the rough part of Iceland and beautiful to explore. Less tourists, rougher terrain!

Of course, Iceland has a lot of ice! It has big ice chunks from the glaciers all year, even in summer.

And of course, Iceland has the northern lights in the winter months! Something a lot of people visit the country for.

I’m looking forward to going back each year even though I have seen a lot of the country. Yes, it gets crowded nowadays but there’s still lots of things to explore if you know where to go. With the unpredictable weather each visit is very different. If you’re interested in joining me, check my tours on the Iceland photo tours website. I am doing a few 14 day tours in winter 2019.