South Coast in Midnight sun photo tour

South Coast Photo Tour

Join us on an adventurous photo tour to the scenic south coast of Iceland and stuff your camera with beautiful photographs.

  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Private photo guide
  • Transportation by 4x4 jeep
Not Included:
  • Food and drinks

Prices are per tour not per person – up to 4 passengers. Please note we don’t provide extra passengers to fill up the 4 passenger quote, the tour is private to your group. If more than 4 passengers contact us for quote.

990 US$

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Summary of the tour

Join us on an adventurous photo tour to the scenic south coast of Iceland and stuff your camera with beautiful photographs. On this day tour we will focus on various landscape such as waterfalls, black beaches, wild sea and waves along with rock formations, sea stacks and volcanoes. The south coast is a great option for landscape photography and in summer time wild life is rich and puffins and more bird species are in abundance nesting in the 120m high Dyrholaey promontory. We will drive the south coast from Reykjavík and head east to the village of Vik passing Hekla volcano a 1490m high snow topped mountain where devastating eruptions throughout Iceland´s history took place giving it the name "gateway to hell". We also see the world famous Eyjafjallajokull glacier the flight stopping volcano we all loved to hate in 2010. On our route we will explore and photograph two iconic waterfalls Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss where you will have the opportunity to capture the former one from behind and make epic pictures of the majestic Skogafoss. The spectacular Solheimajokull glacier is on our menu where you will be able to photograph rough and mighty rock formations and landscape along with the rugged glacier tongue. The south coast of Iceland is known for its black sandy beaches and we will wander around them capturing epic basalt columns and pillars while experience the forces of Icelandic nature and wild sea at the same time. In Vik we will stop for a lunch break and on our way back we will visit the amazing photography destination Dyrholaey cape offering countless photography opportunities. Choose this photography day tour to capture the amazing attractions of Iceland in one package.

Highlights of the tour

Seljalandsfoss and Gljufrabui

The waterfall Seljalandsfoss in the river Seljalandsa is one of the most popular sights when traveling the south coast of Iceland and is indeed one of the most scenic of Icelandic waterfalls. It is located just off the ring road, about 30 km from the area of Skogar. The waterfall is a narrow but tall one, dropping at 30 meters, and you can actually walk behind it, a rare treat that offers great opportunities for photographing. Close by Seljalandsfoss is another fall, the 40 m high Gljufrabui (“Gorge-dweller”), well worth checking out in its own right. As the name implies, it lies in a gorge and is somewhat of a hidden gem, covered as it is by a huge cliff. One can get quite close to the fall, but approaching it can be tricky, as it means wading the Gljufura river, where the stones are slippery, entering into a narrow opening in the cliff and then a following a steep path upwards. Caution is thus advised at all times.


Seljalandsfoss waterfall in Iceland


Skogafoss waterfall in Iceland


Skogafoss is one of the tallest and most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland and among the highlights when traveling the south coast of Iceland. Located just off the ring road, this impressive fall drops at 60 meters, with a 25 meter width. This is a fall which offers the chance of photographing it from the top, as a path leads upstream where further splendid falls may be found. The fall is also known to boast a double rainbow on sunny days, produced by the interplay of sunlight and the fall’s water. The Skogara river itself is popular for fishing and you may well spot fishermen there in the months from July to October. Plenty of salmon and char are in the river. The Skogar area itself is home to a regional museum and there is nice forestry in the area, as well as a charming little schoolhouse and a church, built in the style of the 19th century. It is altogether a lovely place to visit and highly recommended.


Reynisfjara is a beach which lies off the Icelandic mainland’s southernmost village, Vik. It is one of the most spectacular beaches in Iceland and has indeed been listed by Lonely Planet as one of the greatest beaches in the world. The beach is riddled with black pebbles and an impressive rock of columnar basalt stands by it, called Gardar, calling to mind a step pyramid, though here made by nature. Out in the sea, surrounded by the strong waves of the North Atlantic Ocean, rise the dramatic basalt sea stacks Reynisdrangar. There is also rich birdlife in the area, including the always popular puffin, as well as guillemots and fulmar.

Photographing this amazing scenery during sunrise or sunset is particularly recommended and in summer one may enjoy photographing it under the rays of the midnight sun. In winter, photographing it under a starlit sky, particularly when the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) come out, is particularly recommended, as it offers an amazing sight, sure to result in spectacular photographs and unforgettable memories. Please note that the waves of the North Atlantic Ocean, particularly at this site, are very strong and unpredictable, and uttermost caution is thus advised, as well as following all safety instructions to the fullest.






Dyrholaey is a promontory off the south coast of Iceland and located not far from the village Vik, which itself is the southernmost part of the Icelandic mainland. Dyrholaey was formerly a volcanic island, as seen by its name (“Door hill island”). The door-part of its name derives from there being a huge lava arch in front of the promontory, shaped by the forces of the sea and wind. Out by the sea you’ll see a massive rock called Arnardrangur (“Eagle’s pillar”), though eagles do not nest there anymore. The birdlife in the area , however, is still plentiful and includes such birds as puffins, guillemots and fulmars.

The area offers a great view and fascinating opportunities for photographing as from its higher part you’ll be able to see the Reynisdrangar sea stacks, off Reynisfjara beach and to the north you’ll see Myrdalsjokull glacier, while the coastline leading towards the town Selfoss can be seen to the west. Straight ahead you will then have the impressive arch and rock. A charming lighthouse also stands at Dyrholaey, built in 1927.

Duration : 10-12 Hours.
Price : 990$ (USD) – Prices are per tour not per person – up to 4 passengers.
Please note we don’t provide extra passengers to fill up the 4 passenger quote, the tour is private to your group. If more than 4 passengers contact us for quote.

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