It´s always more than you think…

It’s situated in southeast Iceland in Breidamerkursandur, between the Skaftafell and Höfn í Hornafirði. One of the most popular nature-wonders, Jökulsárlón  lies peacefully, spreading over about 18km2 of land. In the 200 meter deep ice-cold water, enormous icebergs in all shapes and sizes float around like big ladies on a lazy afternoon, but what meets the eye is not always all there is; only 1/10 of the icebergs are above water- one can only imagine what lies beneath…


More than ice and stone

Jökulsárlón (which literally means ‘glacier river lagoon’) started slowly developing into a lagoon when the glacier Breiðamerkurjökull started receding from the edge of the Atlantic Ocean in 1934-1935. The lagoon is thus quite young but it is growing fast. It has doubled its size in the past 15 years period.

It is not only icebergs and water that can be found in Jökulsárlón. The lagoon is full of life. A variety of fish drift in from the sea along with the tides, seals can be seen swimming between the icebergs in search of food or resting on the icebergs, and large numbers of sea birds nest on the shore in the summertime.


Sharp as knives, soft like marshmallows

It is no wonder that Jökulsárlón has been the setting for a number of films including the James Bond films A View to a Kill and Die Another Day, as well as Tomb Raider, Batman Begins and Beowulf and Grendel. The contrast of the gentle, blue water and the razor-sharp icebergs is a unique opportunity for any photographer to catch on film. The lagoon is especially beautiful during the coldest part of the year; the winter when the chances of catching Northern Lights are high. Even the most hardcore Icelander can not take her eyes off nature’s own theatre, so be sure to be ready with your eyes wide open and your camera in hand, for the dancing auroras can be tricky to snatch.

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The Icelandic summer is not to be missed. The midnight sun is the most sensational experience; the sky turns into the most colourful pallet of red, purple, pink and yellow you’ve ever seen. It is as if the icebergs absorb these divine colours, allowing you to observe the hitherto cold and sharp icebergs turn into something that looks mostly like soft juicy marshmallows.



Have a drink

It is one thing viewing the lagoon and the icebergs from shore, it’s another and totally different thing experiencing the huge mounts of frozen water up close. How do you do that? By boat. Touching these incredible floating giants is a sensational feeling; it´s many hundreds of years old water in your hand! That is difficult to top. Take a tall glass of gin&tonik with you on the boat and when you get the chance, chop a little piece of iceberg in your glass and it’ll be the oldest drink you’ve ever had.

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