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Iceland is fast becoming one of the world's most sought-after destinations — from unique flora and fauna to majestic waterfalls, spectacular views, imposing mountains and the famous northern lights, Iceland has them all. Photography in Iceland can be a challenge though, if one blunders in unguided. And while the country is a photographer's paradise, photo tours and photography workshops are a must if you want to get the most out of your trip.Fortunately, Iceland Photo Tours is composed of some of the world's best and most passionate landscape photographers and instructors that offer different photo tours that will help you maximize what Iceland's seasons can offer. Take midnight sun tours in the summer, or go on the aurora and northern lights hunting and explore crystal ice cave tours during the winter — it will be a trip you will never forget, and you will have the awesome pictures to prove it.

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Iceland Photo Tours and Photography Workshops in Winter

Iceland Photo Tours and Photography Workshops in Summer

Iceland Photo Tours and Photography Workshops in Autumn

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Scheduled Photo Tours and Photography Workshops

DateCountryTour NameAvailabilityMore information
10 - 21 May 2017 IcelandSummer Photography Tour in Iceland AvailableRead more
9 - 20 June 2017Iceland Iceland Midnight Sun Photo Workshop AvailableRead more
9 - 21 August 2017IcelandIceland Highlands Photography WorkshopAvailableRead more
1 - 14 September 2017IcelandAround Iceland Photography WorkshopAvailableRead more
2 - 12 September 2017IcelandIceland Photography Tour in SeptemberAvailableRead more
2 - 12 October 2017Iceland Iceland in Autumn Photography WorkshopAvailableRead more