Johnathan Esper

Photo Guide

Johnathan Esper is a widely-traveled international photography workshop leader and full time photographer of outdoor landscapes, adventures, and wilderness areas. With over 50+ successful photography workshops and tours over the past 6 years, Johnathan Esper is highly experienced and passionate about helping other photographers discover, appreciate, and intentionally capture great landscapes and light. Johnathan is a self-taught photographer hailing from the Adirondack Mountains (USA), and his photography business is currently focused on Icelandic, Adirondack, and more worldwide destinations. In all these areas, Johnathan Esper specializes in classic landscape photography, wilderness adventure photography, high resolution panoramas, and aurora borealis photography of the night sky.

Johnathan has backpacked, hiked, skied, photographed, mountaineered, and travelled for years through some of our world's great wilderness landscapes and mountain regions including the USA, Patagonia, New Zealand, Iceland, Tasmania, Scandinavia, Alaska, Greenland, and the Andes, Rockies, and Himalaya mountain ranges. He has cumulatively camped or slept under the stars for years during all his travels and photography, which has has helped Johnathan develop such a fierce love for the outdoors. In fact, Johnathan's original decision to pursue photography professionally arose from his heritage of appreciating landscapes worldwide throughout his whole life. Even his middle name of Ampersand is named after a local mountain.

He is currently involved in a long-term project of photographing panoramas from the tops of trees he ascends via ropes, for new and unique views over the Adirondack forested hills, his native home. Johnathan is published frequently worldwide in magazines such as National Geographic Traveler, Climbing, Backpacker, Adirondac, and Wilderness Magazines, and in the Adirondack region's premiere magazines, especially Adirondack Life, where he also shoots on assignment, and in many other publications for commercial and governmental clients worldwide. Johnathan's adventure stock imagery is represented by Aurora Photos agency and Getty Images. Fine art prints of his photography are enjoyed by hundreds of collectors worldwide. In addition to independently-led photo tours and workshops, Johnathan is also very active in collaborating on workshops with top names in the area, including Iurie Belegurschi Photography, Arctic Photo, and the Adirondack Photography Institute.

Artistic Statement: My passion in life is to explore and photograph our world's wilderness areas. I love adventuring in wilderness landscapes, combining my love for photography, traveling, adventure, the mountains, and seldom-visited places with my desire to remember and share the unique sights I see with others, hoping to create appreciation and respect for these wilderness areas. Photography also helps me to slow down in my wanderings and notice the details and wonder at the beauty that nature exhibits every day, all over the world, whether anyone is there to witness it or not. A main goal in my photography workshops I lead is to help photographers become engaged and intentional in their photography, and through acting as both coach and cheerleader I help my clients experience places and memories they would not otherwise have the privilege of knowing.