Northern Lights Photo Tours

Northern Lights Photo Tours

Join our top photographers as they capture the dancing Northern Lights over the epic Arctic landscapes. They will drive you to where the sky is clear and where you can find a great foreground for an amazing photographic opportunity of the Aurora Borealis. Learn the proper camera settings from your talented photo guide and take home with you some wonderful pictures and memories from Iceland.

Total price: 25000 ISK

Summary of the tour:

The Northern Lights are one of the main attractions in Iceland. The amazement of the lights dancing and swirling above leaves everyone speechless and full of awe. However, they are also one of the trickiest to predict. There are a lot of conditions for witnessing the Aurora Borealis: season, weather, length of stay, location and most importantly, luck. There is no guarantee for aurora viewing and if there will be no Aurora for your booked day, we will refund your deposit. But should there be an Aurora activity for the night, our guide will contact you and explain the chances of seeing the Aurora and the itinerary set for you. The tours will be flexible, from 4 to 6 hours.

Conditions To See The Northern Lights

Aurora, the luminous glow of the upper atmosphere is caused by energetic charged particles penetrating the atmosphere from above. However, when the solar wind is placid, the Aurora would only be seen at high latitudes and would be faint. But, when the solar wind is agitated by a recent flare or other event on the sun, we could see a very strong Aurora. Different websites and phone applications show the forecast of the wind activities to guide the Aurora chasers like us.

However, a dark and clear sky is required to see the activity of Aurora. This is the reason why the Northern Lights cannot be seen during summer or themidnight sun season, when the sun remains visible at the local midnight. The best time for Aurora viewing is from September to mid-April when nights are completely dark. For Aurora photography, we seek for zero light pollution to enable you to capture its pristine glow. Therefore, our guides need to drive you to more secluded area on this tour.

Also, getting a clear sky can be tricky in Iceland because as a small Atlantic island, its weather is subject to fierce and fast changes. But not to worry because our guides, having several years experience of chasing the Northern Lights in Iceland, are closely following the forecasts and have a keen knowledge of the road conditions and terrain to get you safe to each locations.

Due to high demand, please contact us for availability if you are booking within 2 days of tour date. Please let us know which dates you are available so we can help you pick the best possible night when we have the latest forecasts and don´t forget to let us know where you will be staying so we know where to pick you up.

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