It was a regular day back in June of 2012, I was having some drinks with a couple of my best buddies talking photography. We had always planned a trip to visit Iceland, for one reason or another our plans always had to be pushed back as we initially wanted to go October of 2011.


After a couple of beers mixed with some hard drinks, I said “You know what, we should just do it.” Book it tonight. The rest was history, we booked an 8 day tour with Iurie Belegurschi, whom I met the first time back in September of 2011 and has now become one of my closest friends and tour partners. We also had 5 days of extra time to go on a self drive trip up to Akureyri to see Godafoss and Dettifoss, two of the most astounding waterfalls anywhere in the world.


Since the initial trip, I have been back in Iceland 4 more times the recent one being a midnight sun tour courtesy of this May of 2015. As a traveller and landscape photographer, you will come to realize that there is always a chance you will not get everything on your shot list in one trip. Golden Light, Blaring Red Skies, Unique Ice formations, Dancing Northern lights, don’t we all wish to have it all as we sport that wide grin on our faces during the journey back home.


As we spend our hard earned money, time away from our loved ones to go on a soul searching mission for photographic bliss, don’t we all hope that our time is 100% maximized? How do we increase our gains and minimize our risk while being in the thick of the hunt for iconic landscapes in Iceland?


In years past, Professional Photographers and Guides who facilitate Workshops via Iceland Photo Tours have been working tremendously to custom fit our itinerary and perfect every single detail of each trip. From driving times to arriving at each location at the opportune moment, analyzing weather patterns, cloud cover, wind direction and yes, even temperature to bring you to the best possible spot for each sunrise and sunset. These tours offer the best value, the best planning and workshop mentoring from Camera Use to Post Processing in the industry today. And where is all this coming from?


The Love for the Hunt. The Love for Landscape. But most importantly, the Love to provide the best service to each visitor to Iceland. There is no better reward than to have YOU make the most out of your visit, to impart the right set of knowledge you need to succeed is critical. Oftentimes, workshops bombard participants with too much technical information, those you could probably just find in Google, and offer too little practical and on-field shooting techniques. This is where Iceland Photo Tours excels, and one more thing? You get to learn direct from the most accomplished and respected Landscape Photographers during your stay, people who Love Iceland, but most importantly, people who Love to help.

Christian Lim

Professional Landscape Photographer – Iceland Photo Tours

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