Einar Páll Svavarsson

Einar Páll Svavarsson is Icelandic Political Scientist turned landscape photojournalist. Einar has been interested in landscape photography for decades and taken thousands of photos all over Iceland. In summer and winter, by the shore and in the highland, in canyons and on glaciers and in many of the peaceful and beautiful small fishing villages as well as his beloved hometown Reykjavík. Einar has traveled extensively in Iceland in all seasons and written hundreds of articles and published thousands of photos about places in Iceland and natural wonders posted on his website.

Einar is one of the most experienced people in Iceland when it comes to traveling in Iceland and finding exotic places of interest to photographers. Einar also has good knowledge of Icelandic history and geography. Currently, Einar writes articles with photos regularly about interesting places in Iceland for Wow Air magazine.

Apart from Iceland Einar has lived in Toronto for a year and six years in San Diego California.