Edwin Martinez

Any artist will tell you of a need to escape, to know somewhere far away from home. The reason? Because eventually home no longer satisfies that innate craving for adventure and discovery. This was very much the case with renowned Filipino photographer Edwin Martinez.

One of the finest photographers his country has produced, Edwin Martinez now travels the world in search of iconic images and the very best in landscape photography. He particularly enjoys the challenge of shooting in different topographies, seasons and weather conditions. In other words, he likes to look at landscapes in a different light.

Martinez is a brand ambassador for Canon Philippines, and his work is consistently featured in international photography publications. He also helps to facilitate one of the Philippine's premiere landscape photography courses, the Chasing Light Workshop. Aside from work in his home country, he often takes charge of photography tours to some of the most breathtaking locations on the planet. As a respected member of the photography community, Edwin is a highly sought after speaker and instructor, and occasionally manages private shoots for a number of companies.

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