Jabi Sanz

Photo Guide

A passionate landscape photographer who discovered his love for capturing nature's beauty in Iceland. With a focus on landscapes and night scenes, Jabi teaches photography, leads tours, and shares his expertise worldwide. His work by him has gained international recognition. He's shaping the photography community. Proudly representing Kase Filters and Skylum Luminar, Jabi finds pure joy and creative fulfilment in his craft. Jabi has been fascinated by the possibilities of photography since a vacation in Iceland in Aug 2017. He grew up in Pamplona, a small city in the province of Navarra in the North of Spain. His parents always used to take him to explore nature, not far from his city. They have the incredible Pyrenees just an hour from their home. But he never had a camera or a passion for photography till that trip to Iceland, where he bought his first camera. That country blew his mind and now he can’t live without photography. Photography connects him to nature in a different way than he has ever experienced before. The source of his inspiration is nature. Nature is beautiful because it's alive, moving and he likes to feel insignificant for its greatness and beauty. Nature has made him travel and get to know places that I didn't think before I would go. Unlike many other people, He is not a big-shot award winning photographer. He is a simple guy with a camera who doesn't enter contests because he doesn't create images to be competitive...it's just a fun outlet. Landscape and night photography is his labour of work, since he discovered it a few years ago. He has dedicated all this time to study and improve this type of photography, trying to find the "perfect technique" both, in the field when taking the picture, as in the post-processing. Currently he teaches photography, editing and guided tours around the world. He always tries to transmit what he feels when he photographs to his students.

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