Brynjar Ágústsson

Brynjar Ágústsson is an Icelandic freelance photographer based in Reykjavík. Since the 80s his focus has been on capturing landscapes, but in the more recent years what was once a hobby became a full-time pursuit.

In 2005 he got his first digital camera (Canon but soon switched to Nikon) and he has since established himself as a renowned professional photographer. Ágústsson is also well-versed in the popular software packages Lightroom and Photoshop, and his work has been featured in magazines, commercials and exhibitions around the world.

Along with exploring the latest techniques and movements in the photography industry, Brynjar has created a catalogue of unique, Viking-inspired images that show off the culture of Iceland as well as any landscape could. He has a keen eye for composition and light, and uses these skills to also dabble in sports action and food photography.

As Icelandic photo guides go, Brynjar knows every corner and every magical location like the back of his hand. All of Iceland’s secrets are covered by his wealth of experience, having travelled the country solo in his camper and guided countless professional tours. He is an adventurous and experienced traveller, a (former) parachute jumper, windsurfer, rescue team member and mountain guide. Brynjar is at his best when outdoor in the wilderness with a camera in hand - Does it get any better than that?

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