Award Winning Photo Guides
Sharpen your skills behind the lens
Our tours and workshops are led by award-winning, professional landscape photographers, ensuring your opportunity to capture the very best of Iceland’s nature. Learn from the best to contribute valuable, prize-winning photographs to your portfolio!
Travel in Comfort and Style
With enough room for your equipment
Our dedicated custom-built fleet of 4x4 super trucks will safely transport you and your equipment to photographic sites across the land of ice and fire, and are able to venture to locations inaccessible to normal vehicles, providing you with rare and stunning photography subjects. Each guest is provided with two seats.
Free Video Tutorials
Continue to develop your talents
All of our guests receive a free collection of post-processing video tutorials—worth over $1500—from our award winning photographers. These tutorials will help you maximise the photos taken throughout your trip, from development to editing and colour correction.
Glacier Gear Included
Plant your feet firmly on the ice
Iceland Photo Tours provides crampons and rubber boots for free to all our guests throughout the tour. Ever on the lookout for the perfect shot, this makes clambering up glaciers, or deep into ice caves, that much safer for eager landscape photographers.

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Get to know about accommodation in Iceland

accommodation in iceland

Where to stay in Iceland ? Use this article to find the accommodation in Iceland that best suits your preferences; cheap, comfort or luxury.

Camping sites in Iceland

Your stay in Iceland need not be expensive. In the summer most locals go camping, and we recommend you do too. Sleeping on soft ground is rewarding and enhances your experience of Iceland's nature.

Camping sites are usually situated in beautiful places, they're fun - usually have a barbeque for public use- clean bathroom facilities and some even have showers and washing machines.

There are 68 camping sites in Iceland.

Hostels in Iceland

For hostels see Hosteling Internationals’ website in Iceland, it has a network of 35 hostels around the country.

But if you want a tip of where the best hostel in Reykjavik is, then we would say it's either Reykjavik Backpackers or the Kex hostel.

With a prime location on the main street in downtown Reykjavik, Reykjavík Backpackers has a fun bar, nice staff, a restaurant and it's one of the best value places to stay in Reykjavik. And they have a hostel in Akureyri too.

Kex hostel is also a great hostel which often features live music. Their bar is also a lot of fun and their food is great.

Hotels in Iceland and guesthouses

There are hotels and guesthouses to suit all tastes and budgets, from the most luxurious to the simple and sufficient.

You can use our search widget to find reviewed hotels and guesthouses in Iceland.

Bed & Breakfast in Iceland

For a more personal feel of Icelandic people choose bed and breakfast.

Apartments for rent in Iceland

For apartments take a look at Airbnb. Many locals have their apartments listed there, and on Red Apple Apartments.

Icelandic Cottages

Cottages owned by Icelanders are spread all across the island, and the brilliant start up company Bungaló gives people the chance to rent cottages in Iceland.

You can find small and inexpensive houses, or large luxury accommodations. Most of the summerhouses in Iceland have jacuzzis outside, where you can relax after a day of activities.

Farms in Iceland

Staying in farms while in Iceland can be a good choice, and if that's what you're looking for then check out Icelandic Farm Holidays. But beware, they're a bit over-priced.

Are we missing a good place ? What type of accommodation do you prefer ?